Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Beginning


"Remember the 5 gifts are super speed, acrobatics, stealth, flight, and the most rare, super strength. I hope to see you all at The Games!" said the principal over the intercom, but I barely heard it. I was too busy thinking about what power I would get. Most people got acrobatics, like my dad, as a result most people didn't drop anything. I could get super speed, like my mom, it would be pretty cool to run up walls. I could get stealth, turning invisible would be awesome but was made for running away from fights. I might get flight which would be pretty cool, and I had pretty much ruled out super strength since no one had had it since The Puncher in 1945.

I couldn't wait to find out my power the next day. I was even more nervous about The Games. There were seven winners of The Games, and each was given a continent to protect and a mentor to learn from. I really wanted to become a super hero. "401?" my teacher called breaking me from my thoughts, we were giving back our books and it was my turn. We are given numbers at birth since our name will change when we enter The Games; mine used to belong to the worst super hero ever, Snot Man. He had super speed but he was already so slow that he was just average on the speed scale. All he did was sneeze a lot. So you should understand why there were snickers as I brought my book up, even the teacher suppressed a smile.

As I arrived at my seat the final bell rang and I ran home as fast as I could and took a nap to pass the time. I awoke to the smell of pizza being brought into the house, but I could see nothing. Then I realized my dark brown hair had come over my eyes. I wondered what I would look like after my transformation into a super.

The End

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