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Jacob awoke with a sharp intake of air. He had fallen asleep on account of the weariness that had been residing within him from being in a drugged state. His muscles were now feeling the full extent of the days that had passed since his capture. If it hadn't been for the room which was lit by an overhead light alone, he would not have believed any of the incredible events that had taken place in a matter of days.

Jacob rolled onto his left side in order to roll into a sitting position. When he fulfilled this desire, he set his head into the palms of his hands rubbing his blurry eyes in hopes that he would be able to see clearly. When it no longer felt as if his eyelids were going to fall like stones, he looked up to find an almost unchanged room. The light provided Jacob with the sight of a small cube shaped room made of concrete. The structure had evidently been built long ago seeing as the concrete was stained with various shades of brown around the edges. The room was completely devoid of sound which truly gave Jacob an unnerved feeling. The only change that had become apparent was a small stack of tattered clothes perched on the toilet seat. He soon stripped from his old clothes which had become incredibly tarnished with dirt and other colors that his lifeless body must have been dragged through. The worn feeling of the new clothes felt very refreshing compared to the tightness of his old polo.

He heard the crack of the hatch slide open. The sound of metal scraping against metal was not a sound that felt too appealing just upon waking up. Once again, the blinding light of the hallway filled the room within an instant. Jacob shielded his eyes from the glare this time with the strength he had recovered in his arms. The silhouette of a man entered the room and spoken to him with an English accent.

"Good to see that you are still amongst the living. I was getting the feeling that Vik was missing you. I can't say I blame 'im though. Ten years of spec. ops. experience would really be appreciated after all the shit we've been through after you left".

"look man, I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. I was never in the military let alone special operations, and shit, I had never met that guy Viktor until I ended up in this fucking place," said Jacob in as loud a voice as was ever heard from him. "Who the hell are you anyway?"

 "Shit, Vik wasn't lying about the shit they did to you. Look I'll get my stuff out of the way real quick. My name is Nate. Grew up in on the streets and I was about six when S-3 took me in. Went through the same training as all the rookies when I was ten so I had a lead on most of 'em. You came about when I was twenty eight. I was told that you were in spec ops for the US military and quit after your wife died in a car crash. S-3 found ya' and brought you in. We ran a whole shitload of ops. together and saw more of hell with each one."

"Okay, say that I believe you for now," said Jacob. "Where the hell does Vik come into all of this. The way you said it made it sound like we were best friends or some shit"

"I was gettin' there," Nate said. "Anyway, we were running an op in Siberia. The briefing told us that we would most likely be meeting a spec ops squad from Russia and that they were not going to be friendly if they found us. I don't know what the fuck Vik did but they had him on his knees at gunpoint. You took out the gunman and we neutralized the rest of the squad regardless of the parameters around of our mission. He was indebted to you from that day."

"Okay, one last question. How the fuck do I not remember any of this?"

"You tried leaving S-3 because you heard word that your wife's death was not a coincidence. You went dark and so the guys in suits felt it necessary to take you down. They put a bullet in your head and gave up their search. After this, we disbanded from S-3 and are now trying to bring them down. I'll admit, it's not going quite as smoothly as we had hoped but now we've got our card in sleeve again and we are hoping that the effects of losing your memory don't hinder the effects of old skills. Just to make sure, you and I are going to the training grounds right now. let's go."

With all being said, Jacob felt he had nothing to lose. At best, he was dreaming and there would be no repercussions of his following into a world he know nothing about. At worst this was all real and he was stepping into something far beyond his scope of imagination. I'll admit, it's not going quite as smoothly as we had hoped. When exiting the dimly lit room and entering into the painfully bright hallway, Jacob could not get Nate's words out of his head and it filled him with a great unease.

The End

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