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Jacob's vision was slowly returning to him. His head was almost radiating pain from within its core. The back of his head was still pounding from when he had been hit upside the head with a crowbar just hours before. This pain was combined with the pain of a bright light being shone right into his highly dilated pupils. He could feel the restraints attached to his wrists and ankles, causing complete immobilization.

"Where the fuck am I", was all that he managed to say considering all the chemicals his body was producing to help snuff the blinding pain he felt throughout his body. Adrenaline was making his biceps and pectorals flex uncontrollably. A deep voice responded to his question almost immediately.

"As vulgar as usual eh, 6," said the voice in an incredibly heavy Russian accent, "although I don't blame you for not remembering this place. The mind is quite capable of blocking out... rather unpleasant memories. Memories that would drive any normal man insane, but I guess you never truly were normal were you? This is the last remaining sanctuary of the organization that you helped build. The organization that you set your life on the line for countless times. We have survived thanks to your actions and now we need your help again." A blur moved in front of the light and Jacob felt the restraints on his right ankle tighten then come loose. The same thing happened to his left ankle and soon both of his wrists. 

Jacob attempted to stand but collapsed back in the chair when he had managed to get his back several centimeters away from it. He felt and arm slide under his right armpit and soon under his left hoisting him up and away from his throne. He heard the scrape of steel and was blasted by rays of light much more intense than those created by the lamp in the interrogation chamber. He was dazed for several seconds before his vision returned to him and he could see a long, metal, corridor with many metal hatches to the sides. Three rows of doors down, the two men turned right and the Russian's hand moved to open one of the hatches. 

Inside the hatch, Jacob could see a simple room which was even more sparsely decorated than his old apartment. There was a bed that hung off of the wall, clinging in place by two poles attached to the sides. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling with a cord dangling down for power. A toilet stood in the corner by a small sink. With assistance, Jacob got situated in bed with his back on the mattress. He saw the Russian man's face and was shocked.

He saw a gaunt face that looked as if it hadn't been fed or exposed to the light for several weeks. A scar ran across half of his face, starting at the cheekbone and extending to the back of his neck. He had a short haircut like that of navy troops which seemed a stark contrast to the man's piercing blue eyes. 

"Get some rest," said the man. "Any questions that you still have will be answered by Gomez two doors down when you wake up. Until then, my name is Viktor, just in case you had forgotten along with everything else in your past." With that, Viktor walked out of the room and shut the hatch behind him. Jacob gladly shut his eyes and was befallen by deep sleep in mere seconds, not knowing what he had just been plunged into.

The End

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