Behind the Mask of CloudsMature

Jacob always found it quite relaxing to just lay in his bed and listen to the soothing sounds of any band in which Mark Kozelek was the singer. Tonight Sun Kil Moon was his choice in artist. His eyelids began to tighten up covering his vibrant blue eyes as the song "Carry Me Ohio" lulled him off to the dark reaches of his subconscious. 

Jacob had not a materialistic personality. This being said, his room was practically just a nightstand next to a bed with a dresser in a corner which was being used as a perch for a radio. The dying bulb in his lamp provided a nice, relaxing light that made sleeping a very comfortable hobby. Just outside the door lay a sparsely furnished apartment that had a doorway to a bathroom on the opposite wall of the bedroom door. The living area had a small kitchenette, tattered (yet incredibly comfortable) sofa, standing lamp, television, coffee table, and four bookshelves that were completely filled with books (the only possession that truly mattered to Jacob). The entire apartment was covered in a cheap light green wallpaper. 

Hours after sleep had befallen Jacob, he arose from his solitary bed and glanced at the analog clock perched on his nightstand which read 7:36 AM. "Fuck" muttered Jacob as he realized that he had just slept for 13 whole hours. He slowly got up out of bed and moved to the dresser shutting off the radio and picking out the clothes that he would embrace the new day in. 

Five minutes later, Jacob was walking out of his apartment with car keys in hand. He had donned a striped T-shirt and a pair of jeans which contained several holes from various labors seeing as he had a steady job as an agricultural worker. He walked down the walkway with the sun glaring down at him as he continued his everyday pattern of living. Something felt off in Jacob's mind concerning today. He could not quite put his finger on it since everything seemed as it normally was whenever he left his home in the morning. 

His feeling of unease became apparent as he walked over to his 1998 Toyota Camry. He picked his keys out of his pockets and began to slide them into the keyhole in order to unlock the car. All of a sudden he was stricken with a splitting pain in the back of his head. His face collided with the driver's side window and he fell to the ground, his vision beginning to blur. Above him he saw two blurs in the form of people. The blurs were talking to each other but Jacob could only hear "Shit! Could you have possibly hit him any harder Jackass?"

Jacob's vision continued to blur and soon he could see nothing. He remembered nothing from that point on until he woke several hours later with a splitting headache. 


The End

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