Aelia IMature

"Benoit, I am going out to the market to talk to the people and try to ease the situation." Aelia said as she came down the main stairs and towards the door, unlike her usual attire she was dressed for horse riding. Despite not looking entirely lady like, Aelia had a black bob hairstyle and blue eyes that matched her outfit.

"Are you sure? Her Grace Madeline will return today." Benoit said as he stood next to the door with the first footman.

"Yes I am certain, it would be a lot less work for her if I started before she arrived."

"I see, do as you wish.”

"Bastien come with me."

"Hmm? Why do you need me to come with you?” the first footman asked. He was tall and handsome and was Benoit’s trainee whether he liked it or not.

"Because I told you too." Aelia said walking past him.


"Bastien." Benoit commanded.

"Alright, come on let's get a move on then." he replied.

"Bastien, what is your position in the household?" Aelia asked as they left the gates.

"First Footman."

"And what are you paid to do?"

"Well I..."

"You are paid to be tall, handsome, help the butler, and follow Madeline or Livia or I around."

"I only wanted to know why I was needed."

"Asking questions is not part of the job nor is slacking around, You could at the least be good at the first two things."

"Well hey now! That isn't very nice... and a lot of girls say I'm handsome."

"Well nobles have higher standards. Anyways we should head to Ali's first."


The End

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