Back To The Start

I am flying through the air with Jess and Skye. I turn to Jess smiling, she gleams back at me. The wind whistles through my ears and my face feels so cold. I look down at the trees below me, they look like ants. 

"Hold on tight!" Jess yells. 

"What?" I yell back. Next thing, we are flying at about sixty miles an hour towards the ground. My heart leaps into my mouth and my eyes widen in their sockets. I am now facing the gate. Wow, that was amazing. 

"Are you okay?" Jess asks. 

"Yeah... I'm fine" I rub my chest. I edge towards the gate and take the key out of my pocket. On the other side is my home.

"Are you coming with me?" I ask. 

"Yeah" Jess says putting her hand on my shoulder. "We're right behind you"

"Good" I gleam at her. I am bringing back evidence of what is behind the gate, angels. Without hesitation, I put the key in the lock and turn it. I open the gate, this is it. I sprint through the trees laughing like there is no tomorrow. After running for about five minutes, I stumble onto a road. I'm back. A car horn sounds near and tyres skid. I look left and see it is a police car. It's Laura, my Aunt, she has to believe me. 

The End

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