The Mermaids Cave

The cave is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Blue crystals cover the walls sending rays of blue light in all directions, the water is so clear I can see my reflection in it and even the ceiling is bright blue. I love it.

“Al! You made it blue again!” someone yells. I watch as the blue mermaid pops her head out on the right of me.

“I like blue” she smiles at me. I smile back.

“It’s beautiful” I whisper.

“I will turn it orange” someone says on my left. An orange mermaid, she touches it, and it all turns orange.

“Wow” I gasp.

“Kyra!” the Al, the blue mermaid yells.

“What?” Kyra yells back.

“It looked better blue”

“No it doesn’t”

“What do you think?” the red one asks leaning on a rock. They all turn and look at me.

“I like blue better” I answer. Al sticks her tongue out at Kyra, Kyra then playfully flicks water at her, and they giggle. It then turns blue around me.

“Follow us” Kyra says, and they all swim ahead. And I walk down the long passage staring at the blue crystals around me.

The End

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