The Search For The Gate

Blue sky, sun blazing and the birds singing, it looks a good day. As I walk along the path cars rush past me making me jump. I’m incredibly twitchy it’s unreal right now. My stomach rumbles with fear. I don’t like that at all. The housing estate on my right looks happy, bright and cheerful. But when I look left at the forest, it brings the feeling of fear and dread to my heart. Looking over my shoulder one last time I make sure no one is there. I take a deep breath in, I look right, I look left, and then peg on to the other side of the road into the trees.

SNAP! Straight into a pile twigs and I fall face flat into grass. “Ow……” I moan and then stand up. Ahead of me there are tall trees, bushes with many poisonous berries and a very small footpath which is covered by the long grass. As I fight my way through I am scratched by the many branches and prickles sticking out. Blood pours down my arms, legs and face and I start to panic more.

No sign of the gate yet. I move faster and faster. Blood, sweat and tears trickle down my face, heart racing faster, and my legs are about to give in on me – BOOM! Straight into a tree. I fall flat on my back.

“Ahhhh!” I yell. Blood is spurting out of my nose and searing pain enters my brain. My nose is broken. Looking around frantically, and panicking I look for something to pull me up. Something black, furry and moving catches my left eye. A spider. A big, back, furry, scary looking spider. It looks like it’s been through nuclear waste and doubled in size. I feel my eyes widen in their sockets. Then, for some reason, I throw myself at the tree trying to get away from it. Climbing up the tree I manage to grip a dirty, thick branch covering myself in mud.

“Urgh” I say looking at my front caked in mud. The spider is now climbing up the tree. I freeze into shock, I feel my arms and legs growing col and my heart drop below my stomach “Ahh!” I jump backwards hitting my head off something hard. I grit my teeth to block out the pain and then sprint through the bushes ahead of me. BANG! I hit something metal.

“Oww,” I say out loud again. Pulling the branches and vines that are in the way I start to reveal a very rusty and dirty gate. I’ve found the gate; the feeling of joy arouses the air as I feel the bars.  Then I remember the spider after me. In a quick progression I grab the bars and jump it. Looking back I see the spider stop on the other side. It backs off a little, and then turns and goes off. “Phew”


The End

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