It was amazing how quickly we settled into a routine. It seemed that returning to normality was not as difficult as I had anticipated it would be. I even got used to the panic attacks I got when something small reminded me of Mark. Don’t get me wrong, I still expected to see him everywhere; the fear didn’t lessen at all but I just got used to it. The days were spent with Miller and Player when we would venture out for appointment or things like shopping. I would never think of these tasks as mundane again as I viewed them as adventures. I was glad Miller and Player were there though because I doubt that I would have ventured out without the protective feeling they provided.

I loved the evenings more though because that was when I got to be alone with Charlotte. She never tried to turn me into a vegetarian and I never tried to make her eat meat. Our food was separate but that was about all that was separate about us these days. Well, we hadn’t had sex yet because we wanted to save that for a time that we were not being watched maybe. That was my reason anyway but Charlotte’s reason for waiting was probably more about the rape and with all honesty who could blame her? Besides, us not going all the way didn’t make me want to be by her side any less.

Tonight we had decided that we were going to watch the classic film, The Lost Boys, and so we cleared up the dinner things and got a bowl of popcorn to take through to the front room where we curled up on the sofa.

“You comfortable there sugar?” I asked as I let her rest against me. I lovingly wrapped my arms round her and kissed the top of her head.

“Hmm,” she mumbled in comfort as she twisted in my arms to kiss me. Her tongue darted between my lips and gently rubbed against mine. Her hands rested on my hips as she settled between my legs. As the kiss grew more heated my hands slid up and down her back. She moaned softly and ground her hips into mine. Her hands never moved but her thumbs slid below my waistband as they drew circles on my hips.

As if this was a cue I pushed up her top and pushed down quickly and harshly against her skin so that my hands ended up inside both her jeans and panties to caress her arse. Somehow this caused me to moan which made Charlotte smile into the unbroken kiss. She ground her hips down and I pushed up to cause the maximum friction between us. I broke the kiss in the end and looked up at her. “Somehow we always end up like this.”

She grinned at me as she wriggled from her outer clothing. “You are complaining?”

I returned the grin as I did the same. “Not at all.” I pulled her back into my arms and we returned to our kiss enjoying the feeling of skin on skin contact.

The pleasure was short lived though as we heard a voice speaking to us that wasn’t in the movie. “Oh for God’s sake! One day I will walk into a room and not get an eyeful of you two getting it on.”

I turned and saw my brother standing in the kitchen doorway with his arms folded. I instantly gripped Charlotte tighter and noticed that she was doing the same to me. “But... But how?”

“Some best friend I would be if I didn’t have a spare key,” he told me with a roll of his eyes. “Anyway runt it all ends here so say your prayers!” He pulled out a gun. “You have not exactly been grateful for the fact I kept you alive have you?”

“No!” Charlotte screamed and jumped towards Mark in an attempt to tackle him. It was all so fast then and suddenly Miller and Player were there too as something had alerted them to Mark’s presence in the house. A shot rang out in the fray and I heard myself scream in panic as I hoped that nobody had been hurt.


The End

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