Something So SimpleMature

I was sitting on the white sofa in Charlotte’s house and loving the comfort. Charlotte was taking to the two agents who had brought us here in the kitchen about the logistics of what happened next. I stepped away from all that as this was Charlotte’s house and I just didn’t understand much of what was being said. This left me free to look around which I did so very eagerly and with a curiosity burning inside of me. Charlotte’s house was small but it was very neat and done in a minimalist style. It was mainly white but with dark wood furniture. The only real colour was in the flooring which ranged from polished wood to rich carpets. My favourite of these was the crimson carpet in the bedroom. The bed sheets were white like the walls and the furniture was black. I would never have imagined Charlotte living in a house like this but it suited her none the less. The house had a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and the front room which was where I was now. There was a small hall with the front door although you could see the door from the window of the front room.

I saw two men approach and knock on the door. I felt a lump rise in my throat and felt my fingers grip the soft fabric of the sofa. I was too scared to go to the door and it was at this moment that I realised that a life without fear wasn’t going to happen. Mark had obviously made more of an impact on me than I had originally thought. I had expected to be scared for Charlotte and expected that I’d be scared if we ever saw Mark. However, the fact strangers scared me wasn’t something I had ever planned on or even envisaged. I knew then that every noise and every voice had the potential of scaring me to the point of terror. I shook my head, trying to rid myself of what I knew to be irrational thoughts.

Charlotte and the agents walked from the kitchen and Charlotte saw me and probably the terror in my eyes. She left them to open the door and came to my side with concern in her gaze. “What’s the matter baby?” she asked as she took my hand. I just shook my head as there was no real answer to her question. Everything was the matter but there was nothing specific enough for me to say to her so I just shook my head. She put an arm around me comfortingly and tried to loosen my vice like grip on her sofa. “You look as paranoid now as you did when I first found you. Relax; you won’t be punished for what you do anymore.” She sat down beside me and kept hold of my hand as she turned her attention to the agents and the men who were with them. “Who are these?”

Agent Garner was the first to reply. “Now, you know we said we would have field agents look out for you, right?” We both nodded. “Well, we thought we’d introduce you to the one’s you will see the most of so you know who to call if you ever need them. They will introduce you to the others who will be assigned to your case.” He got the two to step forward. “These are agents Robert Miller and Chris Player.” We shook hands with them. “Right, we shall leave you to get acquainted but remember we are only a phone call away and the panic button we told you about Charlotte will be installed tomorrow.” Lockley and Garner smiled and then they left us with Miller and Player.

I just looked at them, both looked like they worked out and for some odd reason that made me feel more secure. Both looked friendly but professional and I instantly liked them.

Robert Miller had spiky dark hair and dark eyes. He was well built and looked like he worked out which wasn’t surprising considering his job. The same was true of Chris Player although his strawberry blonde hair that waved about his face made him seem more approachable than Miller. His blue eyes sparkled and I found his smile to be contagious.

Mind you, I wasn’t a big fan of the idea that we were going to be constantly watched. Not that I didn’t believe that we needed it. Charlotte squeezed my hand like she knew what I was thinking.

She motioned for the two to sit down which they did. “So how does this work?” Charlotte asked.

Miller met her eyes. “It works however you want it to work,” he told both of although he was looking at Charlotte. “We will either be by your side or you won’t even know we are there.”

“Ah, OK, how would you feel about a happy medium?” Charlotte said slowly. “You see if Mark is watching us and he believes we are alone sometimes he is more likely to act then. I want him caught so we can all move on with our lives.” She turned to smile at me. “Move on together that is baby.” I smiled back and squeezed her hand as a thank you.

“Then that’s what we will do,” Player said with a smile. “I promise that when we are not with you we shall still be making sure you are safe.”

“Now who wants a coffee?” Charlotte asked and I realised how long it had been since I drank coffee so I said yes very enthusiastically. They all laughed at me and I stuck my tongue out before laughing myself and going red with embarrassment.

Miller and Player were soon talking to us like we were four old friends and I knew I could trust them with our lives. Not that I had a choice but the knowing made me relax slightly for the first time since their arrival


The End

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