A Step Too FarMature

I woke up somehow knowing that something wasn’t quite right. Charlotte was in my arms and she was fast asleep, her breath soft against the skin of my arm. The problem wasn’t with her I thought and so I started to look around me. That was when I noticed Mark sitting on the stone basement steps. He wasn’t looking at me but was writing in a book although from my distance I couldn’t see what it was. I made a small movement and that was when I saw the syringe lying on the floor and barely held back a cry of panic. Mark turned toward me at this point and he just watched as I tried and failed to work out why it was there. He came over and picked it up, smiling as I cowered back from him. Needles were a phobia of mine so seeing one in his hands wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. “Oh, don’t worry runt it is empty.” He walked away and dropped it into a yellow bin which was by the steps. “Well, it’s empty now!”

I panicked then and clutched at Charlotte, shaking her, but she didn’t stir. I whimpered and Mark swiftly crossed to slap me although I had already ceased the noise as soon as I had begun it. Tears sprung to my eyes as his sharp slap ricochet through my skull. I looked again at Charlotte’s relaxed form and stared up at Mark. “What have you done?” I whispered.

“It’s just a sedative runt and a low dosage at that,” Mark told me. He roughly grabbed my arm and dragged me to one side although I was reluctant to leave the sleeping girl. Mark harshly kicked me until I let go and he was able to separate us. He tied me round the waist, binding my arms to my sides. I looked up at him questioningly as he had never tied me like this. He smirked and went back toward Charlotte. “I came down earlier but you two were... Um... Close. I watched and to be honest it turned me on. So, I want to experience it and see what you are getting. Well, more really as I won’t be merely tasting her.” He knelt beside Charlotte and slid a hand under her shirt to cup at her breast before he looked back at me. “You are going to watch her enjoy it.”

“No!” I screamed at him, appalled. Of course, the fact he had watched and got off on it was bad enough but now he was talking rape. I couldn’t let him do that to Charlotte and so I tried to squirm free of the ropes. “Mark, you can’t... Not to... To your best friend!”

He just laughed. “She isn’t my best friend any more and you know it. Besides you can just watch me,” he said simply as he pushed at Charlotte’s thin trousers, managing to easily slide them off her legs. This was followed by her panties and then he moved his own jeans down so that he could draw himself out. He began a pumping motion to harden himself while a thought that this was a view of my brother I had never wanted to see shot through my head. “Not that you get a choice in this watching situation.” He threw me a cold smile. “You might find you enjoy the show.”

I wriggled a bit more and felt a small bit of give in the rope. I was determined to save Charlotte from this attack and so I kept straining. The ropes moved a little each time and I hoped I would be in time to save the younger girl I held so dear.

A hope that was dashed as Charlotte coughed herself awake. She noticed the situation she was in and she tried to scrabble away but she was held easily by Mark placing his hand on Charlotte’s chest. “Isn’t sedative a bitch for making muscles weak?” Mark sneered as he easily moved Charlotte into a position underneath him. “Your virginity is one thing I will have over my brother. I sure hope you scream!” I don’t know how he knew she was a virgin; it seemed a strange thing to have come up in conversation. I mean, I didn’t know that about her but now I knew I shuddered for her even more.

I watched Charlotte screw her eyes shut, a tear sliding down her cheek. I was crying too as I couldn’t believe this was happening. Charlotte had been right all along; my brother was a monster. Mark tore at her shirt and dragged his fingers roughly over her now bare chest as he positioned himself between her legs. She whimpered in pain and he picked her up slightly to slam her head down against the concrete floor. Her hands which had been fending Mark off dropped to her side with a stillness that made me think he had knocked her out. But as she moved again to try and fight I knew that he had just stunned her. Then Mark moved slamming himself into Charlotte hard and fast. Charlotte’s scream rang in my ears although it was a strangled sound as his weight crushed the air from the girl’s lungs. That sound did two things for me though. Firstly it made me cry harder and secondly it made me redouble my efforts to escape. Charlotte screamed again and again although each sound was forced out along with the air inside her fragile body and I found that I was unable to watch the onslaught any longer. The noise of my brothers grunts coupled with Charlotte’s cries were enough for me to cope with. I concentrated on the rope which was slowly edging up. Slowly, agonisingly slowly I got the rope high enough to be able to use my arms to slide it from my head. I grabbed at a broken bottle which Mark used for ‘sharp’ torture and ran at his back.

Mark had just came inside Charlotte so he threw his head back in orgasm and had his eyes closed with his face contorted in pleasure. I smashed what was left of the bottle over Mark’s head and he fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I looked down at Charlotte who looked on the verge of unconsciousness herself. I looked about and saw the small blanket that lay on that mattress. I ran, grabbed it, and wrapped Charlotte (who had lapsed into that forgiving blackness) in it. I picked her small frame up in my arms and ran for the steps and freedom.

We were leaving this house of torment and we were doing so together.

The End

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