Moving CloserMature

It was days before I felt alright to move about freely. Charlotte’s lip was also healing so things were improving. Mark had brought some clothes as he had promised and they were the same thin cotton clothes he always brought me. I don’t know where he got them, the hospital he worked in maybe as they were the kinda thing you might see patients in. Mind you, that was irrelevant and just goes to show how my mind can wander. Then again I was here by myself before Charlotte joined me in my own private hell. I turned to look at Charlotte who was asleep behind me on the mattress. She looked so amazing when all of her features were relaxed in sleep. I reached out my hand and stroked her cheek. Her skin always felt so soft and so warm. I just watched as she shivered at my touch. Filled with confidence I repeated my movement tracing her cheek bone. She reached for me in her sleep, catching at my shirt and balling the fabric into her fists. I moved closer to loop an arm round her while keeping one hand resting on her cheek. Charlotte muttered something I didn’t catch as she stirred awake. Her eyes cracked open and as they focused on me she smiled. “I could get used to waking up in this position you know.” She told me as her arms circled my waist. She snuggled against me as she struggled to wake fully.

I stroked at her face and back before leaning down to kiss at the corner of her mouth. “I could get used to having you wake up in this position.” I replied softly. I was glad she was here with me which was selfish I know but it didn’t stop it being true. I wasn’t happy she was going through the things she was but her being here was of great help to me. She was helping to make me stronger and feel more confident in standing up to Mark. I knew now that I wasn’t completely to blame for everything that happened in this house. I still think that somehow I had driven Mark to it and had made him think he had to hurt me. Charlotte though was another thing and I don’t think I could have done anything to make him do the things he had done to his former best friend.

Charlotte had sat up in my arms and was looking into my eyes. “What are you thinking about?” She cocked her head onto one side and gazed at me.

“I was just... Oh, it doesn’t matter sugar.” I would have told her but then Charlotte didn’t want me to take any of the blame for what was going on. I had to be partly to blame though because something had triggered my brother and if not me then what was left? I didn’t want to argue with Charlotte so I didn’t share my thoughts with her. Instead I smiled at her and changed the subject. “How are you doing today?”

She returned my smile. “I am doing so much better today baby, in fact...” She moved and her lips met mine in a tentative kiss. “Yes, I thought so; I can kiss again without too much pain.” She moved her hand to curl around my neck and pull my head to hers. Our lips met in a gentle kiss. Her fingers pushed against my neck to tip my head back. She took full advantage of my parted lips and flicked her tongue into my mouth. She pulled me closer to her and licked at the roof of my mouth before rubbing at my tongue with her own.

I moaned and flicked my tongue into her mouth and held her as tightly as she held me. The kiss that started gently was becoming more intense by the second. As the pressure increased though Charlotte made a small noise of pain and broke the kiss. I looked down and noticed the small amount of blood trickling from the wound. I gasped and moved to cradle the younger girl in my arms. “Charlotte, I am so...”

“Will you stop apologizing already?” she said, cutting me off. “I started that and not you and I only did it because I? Well, because I needed to.” Her hand skated on my neck then wound into my hair. “I have missed kissing you so much.”

“I can wait.” I told her.

“I can’t.” She informed me simply. “I guess I will have to find other things to do.” Her hand slithered onto my crotch and she grinned. “Can’t think what?” She whispered as her fingers began stroking at my clothed member softly.

I bit my lip to suppress my moan as the gentle touch aroused me almost instantly despite the fact it was above my clothes. She smiled at me and slid herself closer so that she could circle me with one arm while still stroking at me gently. I placed my hands on her hips making circular movements with my fingers. She pushed me back gently and then sat up and looked down at me.  My hands remained on her hips, massaging the top corners of the bone. Her hand moved to rub my inner thigh and this time I was unable to hold back my moan. Her other hand moved to stroke my cheek. “I wish I could kiss you right now.” She said sadly, her fingers grazing my lips. I caught at her wrist and kissed the palm of her hand, holding her there until she gave a small moan. I dropped my own hand to her thigh and looked up at her. She rocked her hips, grinding herself down against me as she did so. “Baby...” She muttered as her eyes slid closed for an instant.

Her hand slid from my thigh to my chest, underneath the thin cotton shirt. Her fingers fanned out on my skin briefly before moving quickly down; into my trousers and boxers. She tugged at me firmly and I pushed up against her as she straddled me and I arched my back with a small cry. Charlotte slowed her movements and I began to rub gently on her thigh before moving my fingers to her inner thigh. Suddenly filled with confidence I spun so that she was under me. I bent and kissed at her upper lip, sucking all of it into my mouth.  She looked questioningly up at me. “Sugar, I hope you let me do this because you deserve nothing less.”

“Do what?” She asked, clearly confused.

Well she was until I pushed her own thin cotton trousers that Mark had provided once her own clothes had been ruined down over her hips. This was followed by her panties and then I looked down at her exposed femininity, moving so I could tentatively lick at her. “I will do this if you let me.”

“Fuck!” She squawked excitedly as she realised what was about to happen. “I... Simon, are you sure about this?”

I let my fingers run from her thighs to a gentle probing within her and then back. She shuddered and spread her legs both to give me both access and permission. I began to slowly push a finger within her, stroking it up and down her clit. I looked down on her and took a deep breath before dipping my head to push my tongue within her. I let my hands stroke at her thighs as my tongue actions made her gasp above me.

I wrapped my hands around her legs as I strained to lick her as deeply within her as I could. Charlotte moaned which encouraged me in my own actions. I slowed and licked at her swollen clit some more. I ran my tongue along it before concentrating on suckling inside of her. She threaded her hands in my hair as she moaned out her pleasure.

Charlotte was panting now so I knew that she was close. I started licking faster and harder until she started to shake and I felt everything closed around me. “Simon, I am going to... Ah!” She almost screamed as she came. I swallowed everything and lapped gently as I pulled out of her.

“Oh my God!” she whispered to me. “I wish I could do that kind of thing back but all I can do is this...” She reached her hand into my boxers and pumped at my own swollen member. I had been turned on so much by turning her on that it didn’t take much effort on her part to make me come. I did so over her hand and she brought a finger to her lips, sucking softly. “I owe you now. I owe you so fucking much because that was... Oh Simon that was everything I could have dreamt of right now! How did you know my thoughts?”

Gently I helped her to right her clothing before we fell into a post orgasmic sleep in each others arms.

The End

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