Bring the fireMature

I looked up at her as she paced about and shook my head. “I... I can’t do that. He... Charlotte, he is my brother.”

Charlotte came to sit beside me. “He doesn’t have the same reservations about you babe and you know it.” Charlotte hugged me gently as she spoke quietly. “I can’t think of any other way though. I promise you that I won’t make you do anything, OK? I mean, I don’t really want to do this either but I just think it is the only way.” She ran her hands through my hair and drew my head closer to her own. “Do you trust me?"

I put my arms around her. “You know I do sugar; you know I do.”

She smiled warmly at me. “Then let me take care of you by letting me get you away.”

I nodded slightly as a reply although the idea of hurting Mark made me feel uneasy. We hadn’t seen him for a few days now which was not unusual. Charlotte had generally healed physically and I had explained that this was why Mark hadn’t been down. Mark didn’t like it if I was still hurt because it meant he could do less before I blacked out.

On the second day Charlotte had come up with the idea of attacking Mark between the two of us and making a break for it. I had thought of it over the time I had been imprisoned down here on my own but then I could never bring myself to hurt my brother. Especially my little brother who I had sworn to protect. It just seemed wrong to me and I wasn’t able to justify it by what he had done.

I sighed gently then. I trusted Charlotte completely which was odd as it had only been a few days since I had considered her a spy or something sent to kill me. I am fickle maybe but anyway, there it was, and I trusted her with my life. Ironic really as that is just about what I was doing. I looked into her green eyes and tightened my arms to emphasize my words. “I want you to take me away Charlotte.”

Charlotte looked at me steadily before she spoke, “I can do that in more ways than one if you let me.” Her head drew closer to mine and our lips met in a kiss that all of my body had been longing for all this time. Of course there was a large part of me that doubted the reality of this sudden emotion. The smaller part of me didn’t care as this was everything that I had ever wanted. Her hand snaked behind my neck, pressing slightly so my head tipped back so her tongue could slip into my mouth.

I held her fragile body closely against me as I took full advantage of the contact. I had already declared my feelings for her but she had never indicated that she felt the same way. Mark’s word’s ‘cabin fever’ rang in my head and I couldn’t help but wonder if that is what was going on here. Well, with her anyway as my feelings for her were not new. She knew that because I had told her and once again a thrill of fear ran through me. I knew she didn’t work for Mark, I mean he’d never have put her through the torture if she did. No, now I was scared she was drawn to me because of the situation we were in.

I guess she noticed my sudden hesitation as she drew back slightly. “Please let me do this Si. I am not planning on hurting you and my feelings run deeper than protection.”

“For now,” I muttered darkly.

She ran her fingers through my hair. “I am sure it’s for more than right now,” she pecked at my lips as she spoke. “I want this so much.” Charlotte drew me into a deep and passionate kiss, which served to muffle our moans of pleasure as our tongues entwined. The latter meant Mark was less likely to hear us which was a good thing as far as I was concerned.

Of course as always I hadn’t thought this through properly in my head and Charlotte went limp in my arms. I blinked my eyes open to see Mark above us holding a baseball bat that was smeared with fresh blood. In horror I looked down at Charlotte thinking the worst as I noticed blood trickling down her neck. “You killed her?”

Mark shook his head. “No but she will be out for a while so she won’t stop me taking my bad day out on my brother.” He reached out to haul me to my feet and over to the table. Charlotte slumped into an awkward looking position but I couldn’t relieve it before I was violently tugged away. “I would say sorry to spoil your fun but you know that isn’t true.”

Oh, how I wanted to hurt him but instead I got on to the table obediently and awaited my punishment. In fact I was so obedient these days that Mark no longer had to use the cuffs to keep me there. I needed Charlotte to take me away like she had promised I thought as a tear silently slid from my eyes. Mark was right and I was reliant on a girl to help me, well not a girl anyone as I was unable to help myself. I was under my little brother’s complete control and I think he knew it.

As Mark turned I saw the aerosol can which he held a lighter to as he sprayed. “Let’s try hot today runt,” he said as he came towards me. I closed my eyes and screamed terribly as my skin blistered immediately on contact with the flame. Mark concentrated on my legs and chest, avoiding longer blasts which would cause me to black out. Tears streamed down my face as I felt my skin cracking and separating. What on Earth had happened to him that day to need to inflict such pain? I heard myself begging for him to stop but he just laughed. “Your pathetic begging has made a bad day that was made worse when I found you two making out. Cabin fever, I hope your not building real emotions. Actually, I hope you do so I can watch your pathetic hopes and dreams get smashed.”

They would be smashed in the end and somehow the thought of that dampened the pain slightly. Only slightly though as he brought the flame onto my chest and I contorted in pain with a cry.

“Not so perfect now are you,” he snarled as he pushed me back. He shot the flames up and down my pain soaked body and as the spray died I slid into that welcome and pain free darkness I had grown to love over time.

The End

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