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“I lock you down here for a day and cabin fever sets in and causes you two to grope at each other!” Mark said to Charlotte before pointing to me. “And you grope that no less.”

“He has a name.” Charlotte shot back with a glare. Charlott grabbed my hand and smiled confidently at me, maybe to relieve my shaking which had started again. “For your information a hug is not the same as a grope!” Neither Mark or Charlotte saw me look down in dismay as I had been hoping she had feelings for me other than pity. I disguised a sigh and looked into her still smiling face showing that she didn’t know she’d crushed my glimmer of hope. I was back in hell and even though her hand was entwined with mine I felt alone once more.

Mark turned and grabbed that length of pipe before bringing it down hard on our linked hands. “We will have none of that!” He announced as we both howled in pain and our hands separated. He lips twisted in satisfaction and then he turned his attention fully to me. “Here is another thing to add to the list of things you have stolen from me. My best friend. Unbelievable.” He brought the pipe down hard against my shoulder and I gave a small cry which warranted a slap. I fell silent then. “I will have to think up a suitable punishment for that.”

“He didn’t steal me from you.” Charlotte stated. “You lost me as a best friend when you locked me down here!”

“Whose fault was it that you came down here?” Mark said, turning to Charlotte. “Who made a noise your curiosity had to investigate? Hardly my fault now is it?”

“You locked the door!” Charlotte persisted and got rewarded with a blow to the side of her head from the pipe.

“No!” I squealed as I tried to get between the two. “Take it out on me; you know it is my fault!” I looked behind me at Charlotte who had put her hands on the floor, trying to steady herself following the blow. I turned back to Mark. “None of this is down to her.” I murmured as a plea. “We both know it was all down to me in the end.”

“We do but she doesn’t see it that way and that needs changing.” He reached over me and dragged Charlotte to her feet and over to the table. He cuffed Charlotte’s hands and feet to the table before Charlotte realised what was happening. Mark looked at the variety of instruments while I rushed to Charlotte’s side. “Don’t even think about helping her.” Mark said in a low warning tone.

I looked in Charlottes eyes and could have wept at the fear I saw there. “I am... I am so sorry for this.”

“You are not responsible for this Si, I won’t be blaming you.”

“Oh but you will.” Mark said as he turned back with his arms full of various things.

“How do you work that out?” Charlotte asked with a frown.

“Simply because he is going to be the one who does it to you.” Mark said with a gleam in his eye. “That is the only way you will see the truth that my brother is to blame for everything.”


The End

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