India POV

India POV

''Hi!'' said a deep voice from my right, which happen to belong to a very tall guy, who had the whole blond hair, blue eyes thing going on.

''Hi.'' I said with one brow lifted

''What class do you have next?''

Is this normal?

''Biology.'' I couldn't hold my up eyebrow any longer, too much effort

''Well that settles it then'' he said with a smile.

Okay, what is this guy on?

''Alright then'' I'm getting sightly freaked out. Maybe if I ignore him he'll just go away. Worth a try.

''You're going to be my new best friend''

Crack or Cannabis? I'm thinking crack, this guy must on the hard stuff. Wait, is cannabis worse? I'm confused... DON'T DO DRUGS!

I think he's waiting for me to challenge him, so... I'm not.


Awww poor thing wasn't expecting that.

''I do have an ulterior motive for this friendship though''

I was actually quite curious to know what that was so I allowed myself to ask.

''Well I'm using you actually'' and I wasn't expecting that.




''Say no more, my friend, say no more'' I said finally understanding what the hell was going on

''You like her, she doesn't notice you, you've tried everything but now you're desperate?''

''Is it bad that I'm not afraid to admit that's true'' he said laughing 

''Not really, just shows how much you like her'' I said with a smile

Those two would be really cute together.

''By the way, you do know that just by becoming friends with me doesn't guarantee Zel going out with you, or liking you for that matter''

''I know that, but she'll have to notice me if I hang out with you because she's going to hang out with you too'' he said gleefully.

''Plus you seem cool too, I have a feeling we'll have a lot in common''

Apparently we did, as I came out of Biology an hour later, I could practically write a biography on Eric Sheller's life; his favourite colour (same as mine - White), favourite food (Italian - excellent choice) although he's never read Harry Potter. I felt as though we should end our friendship then and there but I let it pass, seriously you can't not have read or seen Harry Potter it's against the law or something. He reminds me a lot of my brother, but I regret telling him that since he's taken to calling me his ''brother from another mother'' which has been shortened to ''Bro-from-ano-mo'' much to my delight.

''LOOK ZEL'S WAITING BY YOUR LOCKER'' he all but shouted in my ear

''Just act cool'' I'm not sure if 'cool' means the same in America as it does in England since Eric is doing exactly the opposite.

''Alright stop! don't act! just relax''

''Okay'' he starts breathing deeply

''Hey how was Biology?'' Zel asked without even acknowledging Eric

''Yeah it was good, Zel this is-''

''Eric Sheller!'' he says thrusting out a hand

''I know who you are, we've been in the same English class for four years'' she said in an amused tone but shakes his hand anyway while shooting me bewildered look.

''Oh but we've never talked well expect for that time when I asked you-''

Too much information Eric!

''Aren't we going to be late for Chemistry?'' I try to change the subject

''Yeah let's go, shouldn't you be going to err...''

''History'' Eric fills in ''yeah umm well it was nice to meet you umm, bye!'' he reluctantly walks away.

''Okaaay, what was that about?''

''What was what about?'' I asked, slightly too innocently.

''C'mon, what was Mr. Eric Sheller popular jock by day and Lothario by night doing talking to a muggle like me''

''Maybe... he likes you''

I think I've found my calling, comedy is definitely the way forward for me, I mean apparently I can make simple unfunny statements absolutely hilarious.

About half an hour later and about 10 pleas from the teacher Zel finally calms down

''It was just a suggestion'' I offered

''A very unlikely suggestion'' still chuckling

''Why is it so impossible? he's human, you're human there's not some sort of species barrier there''

''More like a social barrier, c'mon you've seen the movies, royalty doesn't mix with common folk''

''Those movies tend to stereotype and generalise''

''Okay fine, in our school the cliques aren't that defined and people are fairly civil to each other but when it comes to the popular crowd there are definitely boundaries''

''Well maybe Eric doesn't care about the boundaries? I mean he went out of his way to become friends with me, isn't there some kind of rule against befriending weird new kids'' She didn't need to know the real reason he became friends with me, it would just weaken my argument.

''Weird new kid? Really?! have you seen yourself you could be the popular crowd's freaking poster child''

I looked down at my outfit from my white high tops to black chinos and my white polo shirt, it all looked normal to me. My wavy hair was down which was quite unusual but it would probably be up in a bun by lunch time. I don't wear make up unless it's a special occasion so I really don't see what Zel is using to measure my potential popular-ness.

''What have I got that you don't?''

''You're pretty and your outfit looks cool, appearance is vital in being accepted to the dark side''

''Yeah I'm pretty... normal looking,'' I have ordinary, average sized features nothing special or unique. I guess the only things that could be considered attractive are my eyes which are a cool amber colour but the thin scar from my temple to my right cheek kind of cancels it out.

Zel gave me a skeptical look ''Whatever, just remember to send me a postcard from the promised lands'' she half smiled as she attempted to lighten the mood just as the bell rings for lunch.

''Let's go put our books away and then we can go to the cafeteria''

If you like extreme sports then you should come and stand in a high school corridor as the bell rings, you might not make it out alive. I've lost sight of Zel so I'm hoping this is the right direction when a hand reaches out  grabbing my wrist and pulling to the side

''India where are you going? our lockers are over here'' she asked shaking her head

''It's my first day, cut me some slack would you.''

We put our books away and made our way towards the cafeteria, fortunately the rush hour was over.

''So what's the food like here?''

''You can judge that for yourself'' she said holding up a brown paper bag

Remember when I said that nobody was paying attention to me? Well I think I took that for granted. I try ignore the stares by continuing my conversation with Zel.

''So you guys take your sports really seriously here?''

She look at me trying to gauge my reaction to the situation and seeing that I wasn't really bothered she shrugged and said

''Yeah football and soccer mainly, GO MARTIANS!'' she said with fake enthusiasm

''Are there girls' teams as well? I wouldn't mind trying out for the football team''

''Football? they only have the guys team, you could still try out I guess''

''Oh yeah you call it soccer don't you? I really don't understand why you call Football football you don't even play with your fee-''

''HEY, NEW GIRL!'' someone shouted from a table to side of us, we are still walking towards the food counter so I carry on walking without acknowledging the outburst

''Yeah you don't even play with your feet so why would you call it football?''

''You do know someone's calling you right?''

''What's my name?'' I asked Zel

''India?'' she said hesitantly


The End

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