Luke POV

Luke POV

''This is slightly stalkerish Eric'' I said to my best friend

''How? I'm just innocently standing by my locker talking to you'' he said standing in front of a trophy cabinet having spent five minutes totally ignoring me and staring at Zel but if that's what you call innocent then who am I to argue.

''Whatever man, I'm leaving''

''No don't! We've got a couple of minutes left anyway, I just wanna see why she's waiting in the office, maybe something's happened and she'll need someone to comfort her'' he said wiggling his eyebrows.

''That is so sadistic''

Clearly Zel wasn't going to need someone to comfort her as she was grinning broadly at something that we couldn't see. Then she walked out the office with-


This can't be happening.

She can't be here.

No it can't be her.

''Luke! You okay? you look like you're going to be sick'' Eric's worried face filled my line of vision allowing me to calm down and think logically. They can't be the same person. I looked back at the girl, she has black hair too but it was arranged in loose ringlets down to her back and not dead straight and cardboard stiff. They weren't even the same skin tone, instead of pale white this girl had smooth richly tanned skin. Plus they had at least a foot between them, this girl was about 5'8 compared to her 4'9.

They were completely different people apart from...

Their eyes.

The same warm amber that tried to ruin my life.

That I learnt not to trust.

That captivate me once again.

But this girl isn't her.

She looks like she doesn't have a care in the world as her weird laugh reaches my ears making me smile a little. She's glistening under the bright lights of the corridor, maybe I-

''Stop.'' I tell myself. I can't do this again, I built my walls too strong for them to be cracked so easily. Plus this year was about keeping my eyes on the prize, that scholarship wasn't just going to be handed to me on a silver platter. I need to earn it. I need to focus. 

''You know who that is?'' asks Eric

''What? No, who is she?''

''My new best friend'' he smirks and jogs up to her. I feel the urge to pull him back, but I stop myself. Instead I turn away and start walking in the opposite direction knowing it's probably for the best.

The End

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