India POV

India POV

As I stood outside Jupiter High in one slightly damp piece (on time, might I add), marvelling on the creativity that had to have gone on behind the name, I tried to give myself a pep talk

''C'mon India you can do this, there has to be at least one person who'd like to be friends with a freak like yourself -''

''I highly doubt that, I mean people might be intimidated by your imaginary friend'' said an amused voice that belonged to a girl with really, and I mean really, long hair, it was curly and light brown. After I finished gaping at her hair which, by the way, was hanging somewhere near her knees! I redirected my attention to her face, where she was sporting a look that said I-know-my-hair-is-long-but-you're-gonna-point-it-out-anyway-so-go-ahead-already so I said

''You have really long... eyelashes''

''I kno- what?'' her expression going from bored to surprised rapidly.

''Oh. Umm thanks'' she said as I half smiled and began to walk away

''Wait! do you want me to show you around? you know, since you're new and everything'' she asked nervously.

Why the hell was she nervous? I mean I'm the new kid, with no friends, right?

''Sure, why not?''

''Cool! So, I'm guessing from your accent you're British? I would kill to have that accent'' she gushed walking alongside me into the building.

''Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure I don't sound like the Queen and I know how much you Americans love her, oh and before you ask, no, I'm not related to her''

''How did you know I was gonna ask? As a joke, of course, but you're like psychic'' she said laughing

''Here's the office, just go up to Miss Lowell and tell her you're new and she'll sort everything out, I'll wait for you'' she said pointing to a stern looking woman.

I cautiously walked up to her and introduced myself

''Hi, I'm India Caballero and this is my first day and I was wondering if you could help me?''

''Oh Hello sweetheart! I love your name! Let me just print off your timetable and find your locker key darling'' she drawled in her strong southern accent. I was slightly taken aback by her change demeanour, not that I was complaining or anything.

''Here ya go sweetie pie, locker number 105, Zel honey can you show India to her locker please'' she asked the-girl-with-the-really-long-hair who was apparently called 'Zel', maybe it was short for Zelda? you never know.

''C'mon India, it's just down this corridor'' Zel said leading us into a throng of people in what seemed to be a corridor with lockers lining the walls.

''You can call me Indie, that's what everyone else calls me''

''Oh okay, but I think I prefer India, you don't mind if I call you that do you?''

''Nah it's fine''

''You can call me Zel''

''Oh but I prefer the-girl-with-the-really-long-hair, you don't mind do you?'' I said laughing

''Hey!! I thought you weren't gonna comment on my hair'' she said looking slightly pissed off but her smile let her down

''Well it's kinda hard to miss, don't worry, I won't bring it up again, happy?''

''Very'' she beamed

I was kind of surprised that no one was really paying attention to me. Whoa that sounded big headed, let me clarify. From what I've read in books and seen in movies, when a new kid comes to an American high school they will be pointed at, stared at, talked about and by the end of their first day the entire school population will know their life story. So when I left the house in the morning that is what I had prepared myself for, but I guess I shouldn't have judge what it was like from books or films. I could only imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed, new students turning up at my old school with an Owl and a wand.

Don't get me wrong, I was surprised, but in a good way.

''Ohh I'm only in two of your lessons'' Zel said frowning at my timetable

''We better hurry up you have Biology in about 2 minutes and I need to drop you off and run back to the other end of the school''

''You don't have to drop me off, seriously, just tell me where to go. Plus I'm new, I have to get lost, it's like a rite of passage or something'' 

''Hmmm,  you sure?''


''Alright, just go down this corridor and turn left then go straight down until you find lab 5 it's on the right hand side of the corridor... I think''

''Thanks, I'll see you later''

''I'll meet you outside your locker for Chemistry'' she said before running off.

Now it's time to brave these halls alone.

or not...

The End

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