She had many friends and was sort of popular mostly from being a cheerleader and joining every sport. Although she had lots of confidence and self-worth, she was very quiet. She got frustrated easily and had a bad temper but never went out on her actions. She was a good kid, she was normal, had a good family and a good life, or so we thought. If she made one wrong move with her father, he would hit her, slap her, do whatever to hurt her. She was frightened of him, she was frightened to make bad grades, to get in trouble. Just to say the wrong thing meant a slap across the face and being yelled at. 

The only people she could ever reach out to were her friends, they couldn't help her though. The only people who could actually help was her grandma and her step mom, but she could never tell them about how horrible that man was to her. It hurt her friends to see the horrified person she turned into after a night of being hit and yelled at. It didn't happen often, but it was a horrifying experience to endure. They feared for her and continue to do so. 

The End

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