These are about my friends, I used a fake name for each.

She always considered herself ugly and fat as many girls do in this world due to the images plopped upon us by the media. Images of photo shopped actresses and models spread around the world making girls feel self-conscious about themselves much like Magenta did. A unique name for a unique girl. Now let it be stated that she was a larger girl, but it isn't like that is such a bad thing now, but she was in fact beautiful. 

Everyday she got out of bed, combed her hair, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth and got dressed. There was always a sense of dread in her stomach, causing nausea and stomach problems during uncomfortable situations which was almost every situation. Every corner she turned there was danger in her eyes, a frightened little field mouse in a large city full of bustling people too busy to pay attention to the struggles of her everyday life. She had very little friends, but they cared for her greatly, taking great interests in her personal life and encouraging her to do things she is normally nervous about doing. 

And yet with all the encouragement, she still has so much trouble finding confidence in her day. She keeps quiet, stays out of trouble and keeps away from people that would hurt her.

Magenta still struggles, family life is awful and most of the time people ignore her due to her quietness and sometimes don't even notice her until they have done something wrong to her. A lot of times she thinks about suicide and by a lot I mean every day for the past 4 years. 

The End

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