The next day, Tommy finally managed to kick me out of his room so he could get some work done, and I ran into Tracy, who looked like she was about to have a panic attack or something.

"You look happy" I said.

"My brother got out of prison a couple of months ago and my parents got him a place here”

"Surely that's a good thing?" I question and she shook her head.

"He's still on drugs" she said, biting her lip. "Bad ones. Luckily that’s not what he was arrested for otherwise he'd have done seven years"

"He needs to try legal ones like me"

"You tell him that" she shook her head, checking her watch. "Look I need to grab a shower. Can you stay here just in case he arrives?"


She flashed me a smile, before racing off to the bathroom. I was in the kitchen not more than a few minutes later when there was a knock at the door. I took one look at the auburn hair and knew it was Tracy’s brother. I also knew, however, that standing in the doorway was my ex.

His emerald eyes widened as he recognised me. "Ash?" he said, looking shocked.Veryshocked.


"Dude" he said, looking me up and down.

"Long time, no see"

"Two fucking years man" he laughed.

"Yeah. I hear you've been in prison"

"Uh, yeah" he said, scratching the back of his head. "Got into a bar fight. Wait you know my sister?"

"Apparently so"

"Wow" he hummed. "Um, can I come in?"

I stepped back to let him in and he looked around.

"Better than a prison cell" he said, stretching.

I looked at him, taking note of the muscle he’d built up, and couldn’t help but wonder if he’d added steroids to the list of drugs he used. After all, last time I checked, hard drug use made you lose weight, and he hadn’t exactly had any weight to lose in the first place.

"You've certainly grown" I remarked.

"You'd think I'd stay a skinny sixteen year old forever?" he teased as Tracy appeared.

"Nic!" she yelled, running at him and wrapping her arms around him.

"Hey little sis" he said and I turned around to go back upstairs."Oi, Ash. We must catch up" he called after me.

"You know him?" Tracy asked.

"Yeah...” he smiled. "Used to... be friends"

I couldn’t help laughing at that. "Friends. Right"

Tracy looked confused and Dominic started leading her off, winking at me over his shoulder. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him, stalking back up to my room. Tommy was still busy with his work, so I got out my sketchpad, absently doodling to pass the time. I looked up when I heard someone walk in, looking back down at my pad when I saw and heard it was Dominic.

"Heard you got yourself a cute little boyfriend" he said and I nodded.

"You heard right"

"Cool" he said, flopping down on my bed. "Where did you go? When you left me where did you go?" he asked and I shrugged.

He sat up, looking across at me, just watching me as I kept drawing.

"I went home. I went to school. What are you expecting me to say?"

Dominic shrugged. "I thought we had fun"

"We did"

"Then why leave?" he asked and I shrugged again.

Dominic moved over to me, leaning in and kissing me.

"What're you doing?" I asked, not kissing back.

"It doesn’t have to mean anything but I haven't really been given any nice attention over the last few months" he shrugged. "All I want is sex"

"Then go to Dickie's, I'm working and I'm taken"

"Oh come on, Ash" he said, sitting in my lap and stopping me from drawing. “I know you well enough to know you like to play with others from time to time"

"Not when I'm working. And you should know I don't fuck the same guy twice"

Dominic chuckled. "Well what about the time in the bathroom at the Italian restaurant? On the floor of my mother’s living room? In the tent on Halloween?"

"Fine, I don't fuck the same guy twice if I'm not dating him" I said and he chuckled again.

"I know Tommy doesn’t like to share. I've known him almost as long as my sister. I also know he doesn’t like to be... adventurous"

"I don't care"

"I'd be adventurous for you and he wouldn’t have to know"

"Maybe. If you can prove to me you're clean"

"In what way?"

"As in disease free. I don't care about the drugs, that's your business"

"Dude, you're seriously asking? When my parents found out about what I'd been doing when I got out of prison I had every test you could think of" he said, shaking his head.

"Yes I'm seriously asking"

"The answer is I'm probably the cleanest person know to anything" he laughed. "Seriously, I have the papers to prove it"

"Then it still stands at a maybe"

"You should be hidden from sight of every gay guy out there" he pouted. "You're too temptingly cruel to be allowed to exist so obviously"

I rolled my eyes at that. I’d expect something like that from Tommy, but not from him.

"How can I convince you?" he asked, kissing his way up my neck.

"By letting me get on with my work"

"Fine" he said, leaving me to my drawing.

I spent the rest of the day drawing, looking up when I heard Tommy’s voice. He’d been called out for extra work and I nodded, smiling at him as he left. I’d heard Alex and Tracy talking about going to out to dinner, and I knew Emma was hitting the books in the library, which just left me and Dominic. I let out a sigh, getting up and knocking on his door.

"Doors open!" he called.

"Hey" I said, seeing him lying on bed, staring at the ceiling and couldn’t help but wonder if he’d taken anything.

"Hmm. In the mood now?"

"Maybe" I smirked. "I won't do anything while Tommy's here"

"Where you wanna ago and isn’t No Fun out?" he asked, using the nickname he’d chosen for Tommy.

"Here's fine"

"Thought I was to be your adventurous fuck?"

"I'm not in a very adventurous mood"

"Hmm" Dominic said, still lying on the bed, watching me.


"Nothing" he said with a secretive smile.

"Tell me"

"Nope" he said, closing his eyes.

"Tell me or I'll go back to my work"

"You use to be more fun" he teased. "And I thought you wanted sex?"

"I'm sure I did, but then I grew up. And I can wait for Tommy to get back, if I have to"

Dominic pouted, sitting up. "That’s just mean"

I smiled and Dominic got up, locking the door and pulling me over to him. He kissed me firmly, and I kissed back, feeling him grip my hips.

"You're topping right?" he asked, smirking.

"When have you known me not to?"

"Well..." he trailed off, still smirking.

"Don't remind me"

"You liked it" he said, kissing his way up my neck again.

"Not enough to do it again"

"Hmm" he said, kissing my lips again.

I kissed back, humming as he slipped a hand under my shirt and up along my back before pulling my shirt off. I got his off as well, smirking as he pulled me over to the bed, pushing me down on it. He kissed me a little forcefully, grinding his hips into mine. He got the rest of my clothes off and my fingers tangled in his hair as he went down on me. He stopped before I came, getting the rest of his clothes off and pulling me on top of him.

"Condom?" I asked and he gestured at the drawer next to his bed.

I got one out, putting it on and kissing back when he kissed me.

The End

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