Beginning the Demise of Man Vll prt2 (the children take over)

It  has been decades, the children that  I had protected from the acid spitters had grown and had children of their own.  I am old, I am tired, I think that I will soon die, and my Master must choose another  Angel of Death. I have killed when I had to, and left the pure and the good to carry on, to procreate.

 I was the Angel of Death, it was up to me to rid the Earth of those that threatened mankind. Brian was good, so I did not kill him, he just left the area and lived out his life span. He did not harm humans in any way, so he was left alone.  The other acid spitters did not fare so well. They had to be removed from the earth because they were predators.

Since I could see who was good and who was evil, I killed only those who would again bring the Earth to destruction in time. There were still adults left, more than I had expected in fact. I began speaking to the adults when they came to get their children at the end of the day. Their horizons had expanded  after the acid spitters had been destroyed.

The children that I protected, gathered round me, as I told them what a new world order would look like. The older ones wrote down my words.  These words became a book central to their new culture. The adults worked the land, helped it recover. They came to accept my presence as inevitable, helped the children to write a book of guidance for following generations.

The book became their guidance toward building a safe and productive  Earth, without the need for wars. It preached the virtue of moderation in all things. It showed ways to advance in technology without allowing it to take over man's ability to think for himself. It guided man toward an Earth that still had music, and  theatre, science and books.

The world that survived Armageddon was not perfect, there was still evil and crime in it, I could not be every where at once. However, the bad segments of society were never able to expand and organize to the point to cause world destrucion.

 I had underlings that reported to me when it looked like a corporation was damaging the environment, or was getting too big to control. My master led me to those who had become dangerous. I always confronted them to see for myself if these people were redeemable. If I could not see redemption in their auras, I would put an end to them and their destructive ways.

The world enjoyed relative peace. There were regional squabbles of course.There would always be a certain tension among different cultures, but there would never again be world destruction. There would always be an Angel of Death to stop concentrations of hatred and evil that would lead to war. The people who had survived advanced in technology, without letting it control them. The people of Earth had recovered from near destruction, and it was time for my Master to choose someone to take my place.


The End

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