Beginning the Demise of Man VII - Part 1

It was time, the little ones were ready, I had prepared them.. They knew what was about to happen, they'd be the witnesses to it all, they would be the writers of the new bible for man.  There would be new rules and all would be equal..


An aura, a beautiful thing depending on what it surrounds. I was now one that could see this very distinctly in fact, I now saw in x-ray.

I could see a person the way you would see a person, but my sight ran a bit deeper. According to the existence, if you will, of the person. Their substance, what they were made of, if they were good or, evil, blood letting showed it..

This was my gift, my burden, my demon, my cross to had been protection before..

The man was strange, I didn't know where he'd come from but, he sat across from me, he had no aura, nothing distinct there was no substance. He was... empty.

I stared into the huge black eyes, like night and they made me afraid, they were like the black holes in space that swallowed stars, planets, whole galaxies that came too close .

And I felt the pull, I perceived the threat I knew it to be real, I knew it would be lethal. I looked away.

He smiled and stretched out his hands, I stared at them for a moment. I had the power to see, to predict, to discern, then, I could neutralize, negating evil. Lately there were almost too many for me and my powers seemed to be weakening, I had a plan but, I need more strength..

I didn't know what he was, I could not see the substance of him. Still, something urged me to take the outstretched hands. Something made me realize he was here for a purpose and that purpose was me.  I stretched out my scaly appendage..

I timidly touched his finger tips.. A burst of energy, a fire so hot, I screamed, he pulled me close and held me steady. I saw worlds collide, super novas, light flowed from his hands to mine. My clothes fell away from my body. He held me tighter. I could not breathe, I could only see auras, blues, purples, reds, pinks, benign and soft, then dark red, brown, black.. malignancies.. I closed my eyes against the onslaught of sights.

I see now, I see the faces of the evil ones that roam the earth. The ones that do harm, kill maim, destroy.. They are poisoned souls, desperate spirits, manslayers.

I have the power, to see, to perceive, to discern, to seperate, to negate... to destroy and, I destroy without hesitation, without remorse, without prejudice.. All fall at my hand..

I am the ANGEL OF DEATH!!!

The End

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