Beginning the Demise of Man v1-prtll

My beloved Master had given me an amazing gift. He had given me the ability to see the true nature of any being, by being able to see their aura. The aura is a light that surrounds everyone. It shows those who can see it, a person's "true colours."  I could tell whether someone was good or evil, lying or telling the truth.

My Master had made me his Avenging Angel. It was up to me to rid the Earth of all the evil that still remained on it. It was up to me to rid the Earth of the carnivores, the killers, the acid spitters. I had seen by Brian's aura that he was still good.  He had never eaten human flesh, just the flesh of animals.

Eating human flesh changes a creature's aura. There is something about human blood that changes a potentially good creature to something evil. The  Master probably did this on purpose, to protect humanity from becoming a viable part of the food chain.

The Acid spitters that had eaten human flesh would have to die, there was no question of that. Those of the spitters that still had enough humanity in them to avoid human flesh, still had a chance of surviving if they stopped harassing the humans. Eating the meat of domestic animals was still alright, because God had put them on earth for that reason. If the animals weren't eaten either by animal predators or humans, they would overrun the earth.  They would eat the vegetation that humans needed to survive.

The children of the humans were innocent. They were the third generation after The Destruction, their blood was pure, it had no trace of radiation. Their children would be able to build a world without hatred, without racism and the fury of religious intolerance. It was was up to Miranda as the Avenging Angel, to clean up the mess that the old world order had left behind.

The End

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