Beginning The Demise Of Man V1 - part 1

The  little ones sat in a circle Indian style.  I motioned with my hand towards the sky.  I told them of a time when the Earth was perfect.  A time when there was no pollution, no pestilence, no need for vaccinations, a time when the water was so very, very pure, the air clean and fresh.
A time when a grape was as large as an apple, a time when the bounty was plentiful, there was no need to kill in order to eat. A time there was no need for red meat.
I looked at their little faces, their eyes intent, trained on me and I understood.  Right at that moment I understood it all.
My master was a most loving, forgiving and generous being, oh not with things but, with love, that one emotion that covered all transgressions.  I understood it, I knew it because, I felt it.  I looked into the little faces, brown, white, yellow, black, I stared into the eyes, blue, brown, green and I knew, I would die for them, I would gladly give my life for them.
I sat in the middle of the circle of little ones, I felt my eyes well, my heart swell, they came to me, they draped their arms around me, they kissed the scaly skin of my face and I pulled them to me, each and every one..
Nothing or No One would ever, EVER hurt them..  I had to make it right for my little ones..

The End

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