The Acid Spitters (what to do)

The human parents brought their little ones to me because they knew that I would protect them. Ever since I had rescued that one brave child, the adult humans had decided that I was safe to leave their children with.  The children were safe yes, but what the adults didn't know was that they were not safe.

There had been no more attacks on the perimeter since Brian and I had spoken. I kept the humans inside the barriers, and presumably Brian kept the the acid spitters outside of them. We had both agreed that all of the humans except the children had to be annihilated. In order for the earth to recover from its' near destruction, we had to remove the forces responsible for it.

I had begun to gain the children's trust, but they were not yet ready to follow me away from the river. When that day came, I would lead them away from the village like the pied piper of Hamlin. The difference here would be that it would be the villagers that would be destroyed, not the rats. I had no argument with the vermin. They would be left alive to eat up the mess afterward.

So far the acid spitters had not bothered us, but what if they were planning something? I had to see Brian again. I would protect the children, and I would leave the adults to the acid spitters. But what would they do after the humans in this village were dead? Would they leave and find other humans to destroy, or would they wait until the children were older to kill them? These are questions that must be answered before I would allow the adult humans to be harmed.

The End

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