Beginning The Demise of Man V - part 1

My plan had been put into motion, each day I sat at the river and watched the little ones play.  I always made sure they were safe and, I had begun to talk to them.  The one I'd picked up that day was bold, he was strong, he was fearless, he was a leader.  I lavished most of my attention on him.  Through him my plan would come to fruition. Through him a new world would be born.
I made sure to take my time, I had to lull the parents into a sense of security which, wasn't that difficult since, they pushed the little ones towards me when they saw me coming.  
Humans, I spit on the ground, what good were they?  I watched them, the parents, they would walk the little ones to the river, point at me and turn away.  They would just leave them, never a word to me, not even a wave to them, just turn and walk away.
I began to tell the little ones stories..  I told them about a world where there was no need to fear.  A world of people that cared about the earth, about the people and things that in habited it.  One day, a question I hadn't considered was asked..  "What about the acid spitters, will they be cared about too?"  It stopped me..  It made me catch my breath.. I knew Brian but, what about the rest of them?I held the little one close to me, my resolve, no one or, nothing would ever hurt one of them.  
The little ones belonged to me! 

The End

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