Resolve for the "little ones"

Brian and I, the acid spitter and the protector,  sat beside each other on the hill  not speaking.  I touched his hand briefly to get his attention, "I picked up a little human that had fallen down today," I began hesitantly. "Did you eat it?" he said, with what he thought was a grin, but was actually a grimace in his horribly damaged face.

I looked at him, surprised. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not. I used to know all his moods, every nuance of every word that he spoke was understood. That was a lifetime ago now, I barely knew myself anymore, let alone him. " I gave it back,  it was not at fault,"  I answered simply.

He nodded slowly  "no, the little ones are not at fault, and yet they will carry on the destruction that their parents began." I leaned forward with my scaley forarms on my knees. The long lethal red claws hung down, at rest and safe for the moment. "They wouldn't carry on their parents' destruction if they were taught otherwise," I said quietly, forming a brilliant plan as I spoke.

The End

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