Beginning the Demise of Man 1V - part 1

The little human brought back feelings, I didn't want to feel, memories, I didn't want to remember.  I cried, I think..  I didn't have tears but, I hurt inside, deep down.
I had been human once, an innocent human just like the little one.  I had only wanted to live my life, I never hurt anyone.   Brian had been a good person, infact, I'd always admired his resolve to help those less fortunate than himself.  Look what's happened to us.
All because someone wanted oil, someone wanted power, someone didn't recognize the devestation that came with absolute power, now look.
I became angry all over again.. The humans deserved nothing better than elimination.
But the little one, the way it had clung to me.  The way it had smiled, the way it had shown no fear..
Maybe, the little ones would be protected, after all, they could be taught.  They could be shown a different way.  I made my decision as Brian and I sat under the tree.  I touched his hand.. What a pitiful pair we were..

The End

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