Beginning the Demise of Man lll

I hadn't  touched a human for a very long time.  We weren't supposed to touch or tamper with them, we were only to observe and protect. I had been human myself  once, but it was not me that had brought  my race and my planet to these dire straits.

I looked at this tiny thing and made a frightening face at it. I growled, and showed my sharp fangs. It laughed! This tiny fragile being, that I could crush in one hand, laughed at me!  In fury,  I raised my other hand to hit it. Then it looked straight up at me and smiled. Something that had been long buried under my scales, surfaced. I had not felt compassion, or anything close to affection for a very long time.

There had been deep affection between Brian and I at one one time, when we were both human. Now we were mutants. I was a scaley skinned protector, sworn to save the humans from the acid spitting thing that Brian had become, the enemy of the humans.

Before I could discard this sorry thing, It reached it's arms up for a hug. I didn't know what to do with it. It was only a child, maybe three years old. I held it gently and cradled it in the palm of my scaley hand. I rocked it,  and it began to sing in a sweet, childish soprano.

I took it to the the group of humans that had been watching me with the child. Some had weapons trained on me. I put the little human down on the ground in front of the group, and slowly backed away. I was still planning the demise of the humans, but maybe not this one little human. It was not at fault.

I backed away slowly, I didn't know what the humans planned to do. They might think that I had stolen the child. Just then, the little human waved at me. I raised two scaley fingers and bobbed them up and down in a semi wave.  It laughed and ran to it's mother, who gathered it up and held it close.

The End

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