Beginning the Demise of Man ll


I began to watch. I watched closely. Was there anything to redeem humankind? I renewed the perimeters and, they were breached again.
At one point I was almost taken by surprise, almost. The things had used a human for bait. What was the point?
I was summoned. I was questioned. I was granted a place before Him.
It was like thunder, His voice, His face,, I could not see it, I didn’t dare look, I fell at His feet.
A simple question: “Who are you to tamper with my creations?”
I didn’t dare answer, what answer could I give, instead, I made up my mind to show Him.
I was sick with my convictions, surely, my Lord would see, He would see how much I loved Him, He would see how insignificant humankind was. What good were they?

I walked the grounds, I watched them, they gave me a wide berth, I didn’t care.
I heard a cry, I searched for it. A little human, it had fallen. I reached down and picked it up, it wrapped it’s arms around my neck. It was not afraid. I held it. I felt it’s heart beating, so fast.

The End

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