Beginning the Demise of Man

Cold sunlight burned away the last shroud of mist, looking around I saw the night had not been kind, it was to be expected.. Humans were so predictable. All of my warnings, all of my preventive measures were written off as so much silliness..

I stepped over the bodies, some with chemical burns, some shredded, some had been eaten alive.. I'd heard their screams but there was nothing I could do. They had gone beyond the perimeter.

Although my skills were great, allowing myself to be surrounded was not an option..

I snorted and looked at the faces around me. I could see it in their eyes, I was the Protector and I should have done something.. yea

They began to pick up the bodies and carry them to the pit, if they weren't destroyed soon, the poison in their blood stream would reanimate creating more... things.

I did not understand why God had created such a stubborn race, they weren't the hardiest beings on the planet,, still, they were the most loved. Insects.. they were to be respected, they survived through all things, big and small, yet they were the most misunderstood, the most hated.

Making my way to the Silver Water, I called to Arnon.. I explained what happened, I asked again, why did we fight for them, once again, I was made to understand.. He had plans for them. Plans... it was incredible.. Man was the creator of this post nuclear earth, he built the destruction, he brought it to fruition, he tested it, then man became angry at man, and he used it. He talked of it now, said there was nothing like it.. There had been, once, I witnessed it personally.. Sodom and Gohmorrah.

I was told to protect them at all cost.. Protection was not a problem, the problem was, we were a little lower than the angels and, we could be destroyed and I didn't feel humankind deserved that type of dedication from me or, anyone.

And the plan started to form in my head. At first I was astonished, how could I think such a thing but, it was pure logic to me..

How did I go against my master, how would I go about bringing to destruction something He loved so much..

I don't know what it was but, the idea took shape, perhaps He would forgive me in time.. perhaps He would say.. it is logical.. Oh yes,, the idea took shape..

The rebellion was born..

The End

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