What Should Be

You are finally going home. After a whole month of laying on a hospital bed, you will be able to breathe in the familiar sent of those maple trees planted all over your old neighborhood.

As your father drives the car, you spot an orange cat sitting under a car. It is protecting itself from the rain that has been falling since yesterday. You like to think of the rain as God's tears, crying of joy because you have decided to change.

The car drives over the same bridge you were standing on a month ago, and the flashback tears at the back of your mind. How hateful life can be. Your heartbeat quickens, and your breathing accelerates, but you manage to calm yourself down. To take control. Unlike last time.

A scream threatens to escape your throat, but you hold it in, and opt to stare at the window with even more intensity now. There are kids playing under the rain. Such young and free spirits. You want yours to be like that. To be as innocent as before, instead of torn and stained by the cruel truth of this merciless world.

How bittersweet.

The End

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