Chapter 1

Chapter 1
It was all over the news….he was missing….my best friend.
I couldn’t save him….
I couldn’t save the one I love the most…..he was literally my entire world…..
That was day before my birthday.
My name is Marylynn Louis. Most people just call me Mae. And this is my story of the Beginning. The beginning of what would be the adventure of a life time, literally. It was my junior year of college and things were finally starting to settle. You know, getting the college follow to start actually settling in. I recently got engaged to my best friend in the entire world. His name is David Williams. David was also a junior in college. We have known each other since we were young. At least that is what I am told. David and I share this common thing where we don’t remember anything from when we were twelve years or younger. Another thing we have in common is that we are both adopted. So how, David and I were both found on the same night in the middle of a park passed out. We didn’t know who each other was or now we even got there. When the people found us, there was a huge thunderstorm that was not like a normal storm. At least that is what people have told me. The storm was so violent and so out of the ordinary that nothing seemed right about finding us there out in the open. I remember waking up to see David right there next to me. I wanted to help him so I got up and went to him and asked if he was alright. I knew back then that I knew him from somewhere but couldn’t put my finger on it. But it doesn’t really matter since we have been best friends ever since. But anyway, we had been dating for about three years. It took us a while to realize that he and I actually liked each other.

It was when I was twelve years old when I met Danielle Michaels. She liked being called Danni. Anyway, she is one of those friends that you never want to lose for the whole world. Danni would do anything for everyone and she would listen to people as well. She is such an amazing friend. She cares for others and has the kindest heart. She knows when to say no and when to say yes. She knows right from wrong and will definitely tell you that you are doing this wrong or right. She knows how to put you in line. She and David were the greatest things in my life and still are. I couldn’t live without them in my life. Little did I know that Danni and David where planning on how David was going to propose to me.

I remember the night he proposed to me. It was the perfect night, it was just starting to snow and we walking around the lake looking at Christmas lights. When we got to where we started, all of sudden at his car was present. He said it was for me. It looked like a normal present in box. So I started opening it and I found boxes with boxes until I found the small that contained the ring. I turned to him and saw that he got down on one knee and said “Mae, you are more than just my girlfriend, you are my best friend and there is no one who I trust and love more than anyone. Would you do the honor and marry me?”

I was literally in shock and tears started streaming down my face. When I finally said yes and got the ring on my finger. All of our friends came out from behind the trees and surprised me. David set it all up so that it would a night that I could never forget. I was the happiest women in the world.
My birthday was coming up on January 21. I was so excited because I am turning twenty-one years! My girl-friend, Danielle, was telling me that she and David had a huge thing planned. But they wouldn’t tell me what it was! Knowing them they had this huge party planned and everything. All Danni told was to be at this certain place at this certain time. But all that seemed to disappear after David disappeared…..

It was the day before my birthday and David wanted to take me on a date as my birthday dinner, more like Birthday day of just me and him. I even bought a new outfit for this special day we were spending together. I bought these dress pants that were black and a red blouse that was silk and high heels that were black and red to match my outfit. It felt like the perfect outfit to wear. David had everything planned. He took me to my favorite restaurant. He even had the whole place sing to me. It was one of the best dinners I have ever had. We then went to the park and walked with hands held together. We went by the pond that a few ducks in it. We stopped in front of the water and just talked for a while. I always loved our talks. We always had something to say. Sometimes we would even try to remember things from before we were twelve. It was hard but fun at the same time. Once he had a flashback of us going through this portal or like a flashing rainbow. At least that is how he described it.

Back when I was little, I would have these dreams of David and I was in an entirely different world. Like, when we were in this forest that was not like the typical forest that we usually see. This forest was full of red tree trunks. The leaves would change color to someone’s mood that was near them. And the sky was so blue that I couldn’t if it was the ocean or just the sky. The weather was warm and welcoming but suddenly turned into a freezing cold when these dark shadows came along. When I woke up from this dream, I was freezing like I was actually there in that world. But I never told anyone about it and soon forgot about it.

As David and I were talking about our past all of sudden the ground started to shake. The ground was shaking so violently that we were knocked down onto our feet. We didn’t know what was going on or what to do. Everyone else around us didn’t seem to notice. As if we were in a bubble or some force field or something. David and I were so confused on what was happening. Then out of nowhere a huge gapping whole open up underneath David!! He started falling in and I grabbed both of hands hoping to pull him up in time. The hole was getting bigger and bigger. We looked into each other’s eyes and saw a fear that we have never seen in each other before. All the air was starting to go down in the hole, pulling David in further and further. “Mae, you have to let me go or it will take you too…” David said.

“NO! I can’t lose you…” I said.
David looked in to my eyes and said “I love my Mae, and I will find you. Nothing can keep me away from you.”
“I love you too David. Please don’t…” I knew he was about to let go so that he could save me from falling into the hole. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I tried so hard to pull him up. He leaned into me and kissed my lips with such passion. He whispered to me that he loved me very much and promised to find me. “David please, please don’t…” before I could finish, he let go…I tried to grab him again. But…it was too late…..I couldn’t save him….the hole in the ground was still there and ground was still shaking.

I was crying so hard that I couldn’t move but something unexpected happen, my hands were glowing and building some kind of force. I stood up and held my hands up. When I held my hand up the glow got brighter. It was glow that was full of so many colors. I had this feeling of known that I knew what this was. I knew somewhere in my heart that I had use this kind of power before. In the back of my mind, I thought that this would bring David back. When I lifted my hands the glow burst from my hands, I knew something was going to happen but then the hole closed. The hole that took David away was closed.
I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. I had lost the only way to get David back…..Danni came and found me still at the park where the whole showed up and I told her everything and she took me home. When she found me, I was on my knees with my hands still in the same position that they were when I closed the hole. I hadn’t moved at all for what seemed like forever. Danni was so worried so she took me home and asked me what happened. I told her exactly what had happened. At first she seemed like she didn’t believe but luckily she is very open minded.

Danni stayed with me all night. She tried everything to cheer me up. Nothing seemed to work. We didn’t go to class that next day. I literally was in bed on my twenty-first birthday. While I was laying bed, I noticed something on my left hand. A symbol, one that was not there before, I couldn’t quite tell what it was. It was some kind a design like in a different language, a language that was not from this world even. I showed it to Danni but she didn’t know what to think of it. The symbol seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger every hour. But I forgot about it after a while. It was midnight when I finally got up and walked around a little bit. I felt a little sick so I thought it was because I haven’t eaten all day so I went to the kitchen. Danielle was asleep on my bed. After eating a little bit I felt a little better. I got a major headache all of sudden. I decided that I should just go to bed to sleep off the headache. It didn’t take long to fall asleep.

But this sleep was not a normal sleep. I was having those dreams that I use to have when I was a kid. In this dream, it was like a cave. IN the cave there were these crystals, that glow like a blue and orange, making the cave seem like a cold warm feeling at the same time. These are what made the cave light up. When I touched the blue crystal, it was really warm but not warm enough to burn me. The orange crystal was freezing cold. I knew that this cave was not like the rest that you normally see on earth. It also felt as if I was seeing someone else’s vision. It didn’t feel like me who was walking around. Anyway, as this person was walking down the cave, you could tell that they were hurt. I felt the pain as they were walking along. You know that they had been in a fight or have fallen from a really high place. Not sure where they fell through. But they kept going on. They came across this small pond; this pond was not a light green color. This person in my dream was really thirty but was very indifferent on if they should drink from the pond or not. But they ended up drinking from it anyway. There was a sound that came from the left side and shadows on the cave walls where getting closer and closer. Fear began to sneak up on me or this person so “we” made a run for it. The people or things were getting closer and closer. With the injured leg of ours, it was hard to run. We a whole bunch of crystals that we could hide in. It felt like an eternity before the shadows appeared again. But before I could find out what these strange creatures of people were, I woke up sweating and breathing really hard. Danni was the one who woke me. She heard me breathing hard and was making sure I was okay. When I woke up I felt this huge pain in my leg, just like the person in my dream was feeling. When I looked at my leg there was a huge bruise. ”What happen Mae?” asked Danni.

“In the dream I was having, I or some other person got hurt in their leg. Not sure how they did but I could feel the same pain they were feeling as if I was actually there…” I said. All of sudden outside the window of my room, a thunderstorm started.

“Weird, there wasn’t supposed to be a storm tonight…”Danni said. This storm was getting kind of violent. Never have we seen this bad of a storm before. Where we live, not many storms like this appear. We live in California, where there are mostly earthquakes. But this storm felt different from the ones in the past. It was like it was bringing someone or something that didn’t belong to this world. This storm was a lot like the one that David and I were found in. Something was about to happen and I knew it. I think Danni felt the same way. BOOM! A lightning bolt struck down right in front of my house. Thankfully nothing was set on fire but you could definitely tell that it hit hard. The ground was black and had smoke coming from it. More and more lightning bolts keep hitting the ground. You could see our neighbors were getting worried if this storm would ever stop. We were all watching from our windows.
During the night, it felt like someone was watching Danielle and I. Turns out there really was someone who was watching us…..

The End

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