Begin in Beijing

It is six months now since I first started working on this case.

Top secret information is leaking out of the NDO (Neuclear Development Office) and nobody knows how.  Intelligence is not reliable at this stage, which gives me the impression that we have a traitor in our midst.

More upsetting than the thought of a betrayer amongst us, is the fact that John Jones had a heart attack this morning.  I walked into his office. He was sitting in his chair behind his desk, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.  John was clutching his throat, whispering in a hardly audible voice.  'Fred, Begin in Beijing', he said before he died.

'Fred! Have you heard the news?'  Peter Smith is looking as if he saw a ghost.

'He didn't have a heart attack.  He was murdered.  John was murdered!'

The End

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