"Do you think he's OK?"

"I don't know... did you see the size of that

"He looks pretty rough."

"Doesn't seem to be hurt, just asleep."

I must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes, the sun was going down in the west, and there were people standing around me, looking curious, worried, and surprised to see someone so far from civilization sleeping next to the carcasses of two evil looking beings. One of them, a well built man with a square black beard held out his hand and helped me up.

"You can call me Polo." He said, giving my hand a shake. "What are you called?"

This is why I avoid people. "I... don't have a name." I said, somewhat lamely.

"No name? Why not?" The speaker was a tiny little girl with brilliant blonde hair, probably no more than five years old.

"Hush, Tia, be polite." A slightly graying woman scooped up the child.

"I've never had any reason to have a name, just today I've seen more people than in all the rest of my life"

"Very well, we'll give you a name" Polo said, and paused, thinking " you will be Skeleh, hunter of beasts."

"That kill was mere luck, not skill..." I protested

"Not to worry, no one will know the difference." Polo said with a wink and a grin. "Let me introduce you to my family"

"Nyhoni, my wife." He said, pointing to the woman.

"Tiaktin, you've met, she's my youngest, Kimyf and Keltoru, my sons, and Tas, my daughter."

Kimyf, Keltoru, and Tas looked like they were all about my age. Kimyf was tall with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Keltoru was a litttle shorter, with darker hair and hazel eyes. Tas was just a little shorter than me, with long, dark hair and hazel eyes, they looked like eyes that smiled a lot.

"Are you hungry? Never mind, of course you are, you look like you haven't eaten in weeks, we'll get camp set up and feed you, and you can tell us more about yourself." Nyhoni began bustling about, with little Tia following her everywhere and repeating her mother. "You hungy? Neva min, 'course you is. Not eatted in weeks, goodness graishous!"

"I am going to pick up my arrows." I said, walking back into the forest, with Kimyf and Keltoru who eagerly joined me.

As I was gathering my arrows and talking to the boys, I noticed something shiny in the beast's saddle bags. When I opened the bag, I found a sword, full length and wrapped up to the burnished hilt, with a shining emerald set in the pommel. I unwrapped it carefully, to reveal the shining blade marked with runes I could not read. Also in the bag was a dagger of the same craftsmanship, with another emerald in the hilt, and a belt that went with the blades. When I got back to camp, I showed them to Polo.

"These are good blades, keep them well." He said, handing the dagger back to me

"But they are not mine"

"Yet you bested their owner, so now they fall to you"

The End

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