A Lonely Road

I've never had a name, at least not that I can remember. Nor a family, a home, or friends. For as far back as I can remember, I have been on my own, hunting for food, sleeping under the stars. I have wandered far and wide, sometimes staying when there is food, moving on when there is not. As a rule, I try to avoid other people, my solitude is by choice. I kept this rule for a very long time, until one day I was wandering far south of my usual area, and the forest ended. Under the spreading branches of the trees there was a road, wide and well kept, and then nothing but barren sand for as far as my eyes could see. I was hungry, the animals in this part of the forest were smaller and harder to catch, so I decided to wait by the road to see if I could beg some food. I did not have to wait long when I heard the thunder of hoofbeats coming from the west. A few moments later, a very evil looking horse and rider came into veiw. The rider was short and squat, with a horribly misshapen face, his long black cloak hid the rest of his body, but I could see a wickedly curved sword hanging from his saddle bags. As the rider drew nearer, I could see that his steed was no horse at all, but a gaint wild boar. Needless to say, I ducked off the road pretty quickly, I wan't about to ask him for food. He must have seen me though, because when he came to the spot where I left the road, he stopped and dismounted, drawing his blade. He advanced towards me, but when I lifted by bow, he stopped.

"Lower your weapon, and I will not kill you" He croaked.

"Who are you, and why not leave me alone" I retuned, not lowering my bow.

In answer, he howled and charged at me. He was fast, but I was faster, and my arrow pierced his throat before he could take three steps. The rider, however, quickly vanished from my thoughts as his mount came crashing through the brush towards me. I ran to the nearest tree and emptied my quiver into the beast, but the arrows seemed to do little but make it angrier. Finaly, with my last shot, I hit the beast through the eye. It fell over and was still. I climbed down, and just to be sure, cut off its head with the evil looking sword, no easy task. Now tired, but in one piece, I walked back to the road and sat down with my back to a tree, the sword at my side

The End

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