A new opportunity for Sean

Fear  kept him in front of that door for so long, he hoped she would go away, but in reality it had only past a few minutes.

Claire could see a shadow behind the front door glass so she waited and kept pressing the finger on the buzz,soon he or she would have to answer!

He came out of this glommed cloud of negative thoughts and he opened the door.

"Sean ?"

"Yes,are you Claire ?"

And he made way to let her enter the house.

"Yes,but I can`t  stay long.I came by only to let you know that the  papers are being made so you can stay temporarily here,until we can find  a better solution to your problems."As she saw his glommed expression lighten up,she knew she had been right on his account.

"Tomorrow they should be ready.Mary`s mum will have to come by my office at any time in the afternoon and sign them,can you tell her that.The office is on the estate just tell her to ask for me at the front desk.Ok ?"

And after she said this it was really time to leave; she had so much to do if she wanted the papers to be writen for tomorrow afternoon!

He closed the door as soon as she left and just stood there.Not really sure how to take what had just happen in.Finally something good had happen to him.He could stay and live with Mary!

His heart started to race.   

The End

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