The deal with Claire

Sean dind`t want to think of tomorrow,but it still didn`t prevent the day from starting or the sun to rise in the East.No he had no real power into major things like that,but he could choose to leave this room and face the world as a man.He opened the door and left his doubts trully locked behind him.Today he had a meeting with this woman.


It was almost one o` clock when the front door was knocked on,she was here.And he wanted to flee.But he stayed and just waited to see what could become of this.He would not remain in foster care that much he was admant...Let her try.He would run away first.

She had some good knews and some great knews for Sean this morning after some battle with the council and her boss she have finally got a yes from both of them providing that Mary`s mum was willing to sign in on the papers and after tracking her down this morning at her working place she had finally made it all legal,for the next three years of his life he was now being guarded by this family.Since she had been the one to aproach Claire a month ago when the legal process had started to find a place for him and she stated that her Mary had knew him most of her growing life and he was a great kid,so she was willing to do all she could do to help.If she could that was.And so Claire at put all the whells in motion and after a month in care for the time being until all the papers got signed he was finally free to remain here in this house.

She had only to enter and speak to him.That was the hard part,she had seen him yesterday at the court hearing of his brother.She wanted to have a look at him without being spot just yet and what she saw was a kid at cross roads in his life.Full of despair and so lost.She had been very vehement in her case to her boss this morning,the kid had suffered enough,she had said it was time the system did something to let him know it was there to help him and not take the only friend he had meet in his life,Mary.

And now she was here and yet the door was still closed.

On the other side Sean was frighten,he wished for so little in his life and now as his hand reached for the handle he sent a private pray."Please,God.Don`t make me go away.Don`t take Mary away from me as well."He turn the knob and opened the door...

The End

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