Sean and Mary

Can two friends be more than just friends?

At such a young age Sean had seen this petite girl when he had moved here with his parents and David,but this young girl he later found out was his age,become his best friend.

He had his arms around her.He left them there.He wish for simple things since his mother had died.For their father to stop drinking.For him no to hate them so much.For David to be a regular teenager instead of a father to him.For nights where no sound would be heard in his house,apart from silence.Yes,he whished for simple things,and yet after all that had happen today.

He wish he didn`t want to kiss her so much!...

"Ok.I will come home with you.Thank you for helping me."His arms never left her and his body was resilent to let her go just yet,so he kept her here in his circle.

She looked at his face,really looked.When had Sean grown ?Was it in these last 12 months?At school she saw the looks he was getting from girls,even the ones in others classes than their own.

He was tall for his age,but hight had nothing to do with it.He was strong and honest and funny,dought this days he really didn`t smiled that much.But he still was very atractive even when he didn`t speak.She was noticing now for the first time how kissable his lips where,and that was when she realised she was staring !She felt herself blush and tried to stepped out from his embrace but he kept her there."What ?"

Sean saw the look she gave him and the way her eyes saw his lips and how she blushed.What has she been thinking ?!

"Nothing.Lets no go yet.Stay here with me for a little while longer.Please?"

She said yes,and rested her head on his shoulder.Her arms firmly holding him near her,she felt at peace now,since she had left the court room that afternoon this was the first time she felt that things may turn up for the better.

Sean heart started to beat at a faster pace until she put  her head on his shoulder.The way she always trusted him and was always there for him no matter what  made him feel better.He stood there .The night had settled in in the estate.Tomorrow they would have to talk to this new social worker.He remenber her name from the piece of paper he read.Her name was Claire.

But that was tomorrow.Today he had Mary in his arms and the pain of seeing his brother being setence to jail was residing a bit.Today he just thanked he had a friend like Mary.

His head rested on top of her smooth hair and he just let the smell  soothe him...

The End

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