Mary helps Sean

She always new where to find him.She sighed.He didn`t wanted her to go with him to the court sentence,he claimed that David was unconfortable seing his friennds watch him being sentece to jail time.

She knew better than that,he didn`t want her to see him cry when he heard his brother being send to jail,so she had said"Ok,i won`t go."And then she had made her way there by herself and had sat at the end row.And she listen to all.

She was here now in their estate,had taken the bus home.She knew he would come here even with the sun setting into the night and the temperatures dropping.He always came here when he was troubled,and lately that was where she found him more and more.

Mary was concern about how he was reacting to all that had happen since that day a month ago,since his father`s death.He had not spoken about that night,or what had happen in the house.She had been asked by the brothers to go out with them and celebrate David`s 18 birthday,but had never happen.She was just getting out of her house to go to theirs when she heard the police sirens and ambulance ones.Aldough she was concern she knew it was not unsual for them to do their daily visits to the estate,so she was not very concern.It was only when she came in view of Sean`s house and she saw the cars parked at the front she became worried,like today...

"Sean?"She was a step away from him.She waited for him to acknowledge her.

His face showed the true misery of the day and for the first time in a month his face showed signs of tears.

She walked to his side and put her arms around him,he was only a few inches taller than her,but since he was seating their height came to the same.

"Came and stay with us,mum as made you a room.You can sleep in  Joe`s room,since he is at uni,he shall not mind.We will talk to the social worker about it."Her face came up and looked at her best friend he still looked devasted but now he seem less lost...

The End

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