Other files...

She had them in a pile on her kitchen table,of the six she had encounter two already,Luke and Anna,and aldough she had yet to be formally introduced to the second she had seen enough to know this girl would captivate her heart.But of all of them and she went through the names on her head,Patrick,Sue,Sean and Mary.

She had to be realistic,not all of them may be possible for her to help.One file spoke highly of the fails the system had so far done to this poor kid,Sean`s.

Of all of them this one broke her heart everytime she read his story.It decided itself; he would be the next one...

...In the estate where the night was seating in and all the noises that normally came with it made themselfs heard.

Sean sat alone in the park.He had a lot on his mind.Today, he had  visit his brother in jail.It still ate him inside to know part of him was to blaime for David being incarcerate,and part of him knew he could not have prevent the outcame by sheer will alone.But the guilt persisted,and with it the need to punish himself for being the one left out,free...

He recalled the event that lead to that night less than a month ago.

For as long as he remenbered David and himself had to fend for themselfs,their father was at best described as a brute who spoke to his children only with his fists.One could say that since the death of their mother his behaviour had become more and more agressive.He drank a lot,which could explain the violence that reside in the house,but both boys knew that the real reason why their father hated them so much was because they looked like their mother.A constant remind of what he no longer had,so he punish them for something beyond their fault.

Sean had been only eight when his mother died,David 12.Today he was fourteen and he had seen his brother stood trial and been sentenced for the death of their father.David had just celebrated his birthday a month ago,in fact on the very night of this terrible ordeal.

The day had started like any other,except for the fact that today David turned 18.So,since he had hold a job for the last two years at a gas station he had saved a bit of money so they could go out and celebrate.But that had been before their father had come home drunk yet again.

They knew better than stay in his way when he was like this so Sean and himself where walking to the back of the house to go trough the side gate,when he entered the kitchen.

He saw the two of them dressed in their coats ready to go out and in his druken stupor he lashed out."So,where are you two losers going to ?"He really could not care less for an answer,he just wish sometimes he could stay drunk all the time and avoid seing them,they were not her!

Sean wanted to go out as soon as possible,he had a bad feeling about this.Somehow looking at the two at them facing each other he could tell tonight David would not back up from the insults and that scared him most of all.He had always been taller than his friends of the same age,already at six feet tall he was still shorter than David that had a good 4 inches on him and who now aproach their father and looked him in the eyes.He was as strong as him and had the advantage of being younger and sober,no he didn`t like the feeling shilling down his spine.

David never knew why he got so angry that night or why he had attacked a man he no longer respected or why he had not stopped,in fact when asked in court he had refuse to plead innocent on account of his medical history,the signs of abuse where long and well writen in his file,he looked for no redemption on his actions,his only regret was that Sean had witnessed the intire event.He had tried to reason with him,but years of abuse had prefailed where anger grew and in the end he had killed his father.It had been Sean who had called for an ambulance when he saw their father`s body lying on the floor.From there to a call to the police was less than a heart beat and when he got pronouce death at arrival in the hospital the questions had started.He never even tried to deny ,at least he could keep Sean out of this mess,and so he turned 18 in a prison cell,his first night of many...

Sean eyes look beyond the limits of the park,he was remenbering the look in David`s face while he was beating their father to death,the pure anger was so strong that for once in his life time he didn`t recognize his own brother.He stays alone for a while longer, the dark is falling quite quickly in the estate,the cold weather penetrates his street jacket and yet he can`t  feel any colder,in fact he can`t feel anything.Today his brother had been setence to a life in prison.He had no one to go home to...

The End

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