A couple

The kiss didn`t stop because they wanted to or need it to,it stop because at some point they heard someone in the background clearing their troath in a very obvious way.

Only then did Luke remove his lips from Anna`s.He would have prefered to remained in this safe heaven he had just discovered,but if all he could accomplish for today was to make her see him for the first time, it was a very great beginning for the  day...

And then he look forward and saw the laughter in the face of his social worker and he thought to himself.I have some explainning to do.

Anna was still in Luke`s embrace when he removed his lips,she didn`t want to but she had also heard someone in the background she wasn`t aware of who ,but her first thought was it better be none of the kids or she would never live it down, on the other hand she didn`t want to be Luke`s mother...

So she turned and looked in the face of a girl who she thought to be in her early twenties.Who was she?What was she doing in Luke`s house so early in the morning ?

She faced the only person who could provide with some answer and at the same time felt herself blush while looking in his eyes.

Luke knew that Anna may be having some doubts about what had just happen between them and with all the kids uptairs getting ready for a new day and his social worker in the house just being witness to their first kiss, she was bound to feel embarassed.But he really need it Anna to stay,and listen to him,so he put his arm around her waist and talked only to her.

"Anna,this is my social worker.Claire,she is the one who got Stephen arrested for attempted assault on me this morning."He then dropped his voice so she was the only one hearing him speak."I need to speak to you alone,about us.Please,stay."His eyes didn`t left her until he got a nod that ment yes.

Only then he turn to Claire to see what she wanted.

She had been staying in the settee for what seemed a pretty good 10 minutes when she suddenly realised the teenagers had forgoten all about her,so she got up and went into the hall,and then she came face to face with the reason why.Luke obviously liked this Anna if you had to account for the way they where going about with the kissing.Not wishing to intrude on them she then cleared her troath in a rather loud and unnecessary way,to make herself notice.

It was so sweet to see how he sheltered the girl and in a few minutes decided to introduce them both ,but still refuse to leave her side.Oh,yes.Clearly her charge liked this one.She wanted only to say to him that she had to go,but she was going to get in touch with the police station and find out when they had to go in and give their statment.

"Luke, i have to be going.I shall call you back later on today with the time we have to go in and give our statment,ok ?"She held her hand in to sake,and left the couple alone in the hall,surronded by the noice the kids on the second floor of the house where making.

Anna knew he had been assigned a social worker on account of all the injuries suffered in the hands of Stephen fury.But she didn`t expect the person to be so young or so pretty or even a woman,somehow the last was the only one that she was a bit unconfortable with.

Luke knew they had little time to talk before the lot of them made themselfs seen,so he grabed her by the hand and took her in the living roon where he proceded to close the door behind them.He need it a bit of silence to put is point across.

" Anna ?"He lifted her face so she could see his eyes when he spoke to her." I know it is a difficult time for both of us in our lifes,but i need to tell you how i feel,felt for you for quite some time now."He stop,for a second to make sure she was taking all in,and then he continued talking."I have liked you for a long as i can remenber,but lately i have looked at you and not see my best frien .I see so much more than that.I see this beautiful girl i want to be mine.To be beside me when i need her,and when i don`t.I am asking you to be my girlfriend,Anna."He waited then with his heart raising and with hope that if she had kissed him today it had not been driven out of concern but something more.Please let it be something more...

She saw in his eyes in some times when  they had been together throught this last few months someting,she was aware now of what that something was,and for the first time in over a year she allowed herself to think of what she wanted first and not of her mother`s need or her little sister`s.She looked at her best friend,Luke.And saw a boy,who had so many responsabilities in his shoulders and saw something else,she saw her future.

Her hand rested on the side of his face ,she looked in the blue eyes that waited in longing of an answer,and let her lips do the talking.She pulled him in,she kissed him like she dind`t want to be anywhere else right now,and only then she said."Yes,i wil be your girlfriend."

He smiled then,and because he rather be kissing her anyway,he did just that...

The End

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