Since you are here ????

She had come to his house to see for herself how he was, but now she was here she could not stop shacking.She amazed herself by the sheer force of the fear she had felt when seing the police car outside his house, in her mind she thought this time he had gone and hurt Luke badly...Her soul had cried in despair at this point and for once since she had become his friend she looked up into his eyes with new light.

She stepped back and still left her harms around him, she could not relinquish the contact just yet.

" Luke, how are you really ?"

He thought he had just seen something in her eyes just now but it must have been a trick of the light, it had just gone half past eight and all around them the kids where making themselfs heard as they went about getting ready for a new day.It must have been the light in the hall for sure!

How did he felt ?Relieved for once and worried about what his mother would say at the same time, but she knew all this, she was his best friend after all, the one he confided in times where no one was around to talk,so he told her and his hand stayed locked in hers.

Anna wanted to erase any bad memories of this day, but she had no clue how to go about it.For some reason while he spoke to her she viewed his lips.Had she ever noticed how full they were before ?She told herself to stop thinking about nonsense and concentrate in more important stuff like how to be of help...

He looked at her and by now he new something was wrong, she kept looking at his mouth as if daydreaming.God, he hoped she looked at him like that for so long surely not today of all days, but then he saw the light go off again and he let a sigh fall from his lips...

He looked so sad, and she didn`t stop to reason why,she pulled his face down to hers and touched her slips very lightly to his.

Barely a kiss, just a touch really. A very shy kiss in fact.

His body felt like it had been stroke by lightning.He put both arms around her, and didn`t allow her to move.His face changed angles, and he kissed her like he wanted for a long time, with a lot of purpose.With love, a young love.To say, hey i am here , i see you .

The End

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