Anna knew her way into Lukes house as well as her own, in the year that had past since her father had been arrested her friend ment to her as much as one of her own family,maybe more because the choice of being a friend became more important when one chooses from the heart and not by being a relative.Luke had been her shoulder to cry all the worries and shelter for the doubts that made way to her troubled heart.

When she doubted herseld he stood beside her.When she had a question regarding anything involving her rights against her father imprisionment,he help search for answers,when she was in need of some shelter from lack of food on the table for herself and her sister,he intervened.He was for lack of a better word,he was  her champion.Her only friend.


So she walked in haste to go to him as soon as the police car departed from his door,her hand lifted up and landed strong on the brown door,and at intervals of maybe one or two seconds she ponded on the door.Her urgency patent from the moment she sees herself saying his name without questioning why." Luke.Luke,open this door."


His mind was still present in the silent agreement between himself and Claire, when he heard the constant knock on the frount door,as soon as he hears that voice his face looses the serious tone and brightens up in a smile of afection,Anna.

His steps are quick and secure when he opens the doors and she makes a dive for him.A little boundle of fierce muscle that had one time or another had come between him and Stephen,she had no love for the guy that use her best friend as a punching bag and she made her thoughts pretty vocal in that aspect,every time she saw him.

She had her arms runing up and down his body in search of more injuries,before he pushed her away from his body.Lately he had come to one conclusion where Anna was concern,aldough she was his best friend, he had develop some other feelings,that did not involve friendship...And there was Claires presence to think about as well,in the house.Not to mention the avock her hands where having on his body...


" Anna, i am fine.It was only Stephen who was arrest for attempted assault.See, no more injuries i promise." His face opened in a smile trying to reasure her of its intend.

She didn`t remenbered feeling so scared in such a long time.Not even when they had come into the house when mother had been had work and they looked everywhere for evidence for her fathers drug use.No,she didn`t remenbered feeling this scared in her life,and maybe because of that or not; she didn`t want to justifie to why,she just allowed herself to put her arms around him,and she just breath in.


Claire at stayed behind when Luke left the living room to open the front door,but when she heard him say the name Anna,her curiosity took the best of  intentions,and she just got up and peered thru the open door.A girl no taller than herself at a mere hight of five foot seven,with long straight blond hair, hugged Luke fiercefully.She had an Anna in her file that correspond to maybe this girl discreption,maybe ?!!...She continue to look into the enbrace; they clearly weren`t moving from that spot any time soon ,so she just turn around and sat down in the settee again.

"What a morning."She thought to herself...

The End

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