Her day started the same as usual,the house was cold,no money had been added to the gas card,and the emergency fuel had already been used.In the middle of winter on a house that sheltered her mother and herself and her two younger sister,it was bad news.

So they all slept in the same room and made the best of it all,her mother was currently working as many hours she could find here and there,doing cleaning jobs for an agency.But even the most hours she was given, they never seemed enought...To pay for rent and council tax,plus expences of food bills,appliances bills not to mention clothes for herself and the kids.She worried her mother was working too much so, she had gone to the nearest food marked and had started to applied to some jobs as well without her mothers knowledge...

She would concern about her mother reaction when she was accepted somewhere...


It was time to get up and prepare for the day ahead.There was still some bread and she was sure there was at least enought tea bags left for a pot.So that was breakfast taken care of,when she heard the police sirens in the street.It stopped in front of her friends house,Luke.

She hoped he was well,she had spend some time trying to get him to repport that no good son of a b**** Stephen to the authorities,she was not happy when she saw his black eye.She knew all about broken homes,she was in  a familiar situation herself since her father had been arrested for drug position the previous year and because of that they all had to talk to social services.Which they still had to due.

She saw the lights stop flashing and men came out of the cars.And it seemed than less of 10 minutes after they arrived they where again inside the car,but now they were taking someone with them,Stephen.


"Oh, my God ! "Her first thought was Luke...She barely noticed she had picked the coat on the hanger behind the door in the hall as she closed the door behind her,her only thoughts were on Luke,as she made the walk to his front door...

The End

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