Stephen is arrested ...

He could barely recall why he had awake until his small eyes rested on the clock by the side table near is side of the bed.It was only gone eight in the morning and then he started to get angry.Normally he would sleep until 2 in the afternoon from where he would plan what to do with himself if none of his friends where yet at the pub.Since losing his job three years ago and going on job seaking allowance he not once tried to look for another job.He had met his current partner who he was living with,Luke`s mother Rachel.He saw her as a meal ticket who both providedwith a house to live as well as sex.The only thing he desliked about her was the kids,especially her eldest,Luke.

As it was the kid didn`t do much.He just would sit there and stare at him,it drove him nuts!That was why he sometimes when Rachel was out in work ,if he had had a beer too many ,he would punch the kid about,lately it happen more and more.He trully deslike those eyes...


Stephen after going to the toilet,started to descend the stairs but right at the top before the first step, without realising he almost fell down 17 fly of stairs,all on the account of a toy left without care laying around...Swearing and naming the kids he made his way down into the living room,he was almost sure the sound that had woken him up had been the doorbell.


He saw a good locking girl sat on the settee and his first thought was,so the boy finally has a girlfriend.He decided to inquire about it,and at the same time make the kid uncomfortable."So,you are bringing your girlfriend home when your mums at work ?Clever..."


Claire  was sure she was in the presence of the person responsable for Luke`s bruises,it seemed this druken man was the mothers boyfriend, she knew that much from his file.

"Good morning,mister...?My name is Claire, i am Luke`s social worker,and since i have the opportunity to speak to you can i ask if you have any idea how Luke got the current bruises he shows on his body ?"She put herself in a position she could intervene if he became violent,and as soon as she spoke,she knew he would...


His brain said to him keep your cool,you can`t afford to be arrested,you will lose your benefits,and furthermore there is the mater of the record in the police for domestic violence from last year,another thing he had the kid to thank for!But as soon as he looked in Luke`s face something snapped and all good sense flied out of the window,his fist already raising never connected with the boys face,Claire with a move learned in the self defence class, restrained him,and then asked Luke to get her mobile from the bag on the floor and call the police.

While they waited for the police officers Claire made sure Luke realised he would have to give a statment,she then guaranteed him that if Stephen had prior ocurrences of violence on his record he most likely would stay in jail until being present to a judge so he had nothing to worry about.


The police came took Stephen away and then made arrangements for both Claire and Luke to go in and make a statment,all this time Luke was in a shock stupor .

He couldn`t believe what had just happen.Somehow he knew his mother would not be happy...

The End

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