Claire mets Luke...

He cleary wasn`t expecting her,and he looked nervous as well as if he was expecting someone to jump out of the shadows and hurt him in any manner.She wanted to put him at ease she wasn`t here to cause problems.Exacly the opposite.She was here to see if she could help!So she waited to see if he was going to ask her in.


He wanted her in from the street so the neighbours couldn`t see her,and yet he didn`t want her inside the house where at any moment Stephen would wake up,and then he would be forced to come up with an explanation for the reason why he was being visited by a social worker,in either case he better let her in and try to get rid of her soon enough,the kids would also start to get up in less of 15 minutes.The clock in the wall behind him at the entrace of the hall that lead to the main front room where the family gathered for watching T.V,told him it was 8.02 am.He had to get rid of her in the next 10 minutes...

So he left the door wide open and stept back.


He hadn`t spoke to her as he opened the door,but she took that as a invitation to come inside and went in the direction of what she hoped was the living room,as she sees the settee,she continues forward and sites down,the bag is left at her feet and the file with his name on the outside cover is put on her lap with a pen on the top.

" Right,as i said my name is Claire and i have been appointed as your social worker,.There is a few questions i have for you regarding your enjuries,and your school achievments.If you have the time to speak to me today or we can arrange to meet at my office on the estate later on this week at your convenience ?"

She knew how hard it was for kids in his circumstances to trust a stranger,let alone speak freally in their own house so she gave him a safe option,which by his expression she knew he was about to take.But then a noice came from the stairs,someone else was up and by the way the noice was heard thru the house,whoever that was,it wasn`t in the best of moods.


Luke thought that he had been presented with a safe line when he heard her saying to postpone  this to her office later in the week.But as he heard the sound made on the second floor he knew he wasn`t that lucky.Stephen had awake !!...

The End

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