Here is a story of one little boy who faced great danger just by breathing,is life hadn`t been so bad when his father was alive,he could even say that:aldough his family wasn`t swiming in money,far from it.The house was always filled with laughter and sounds of joy,with five children between 14 and 3,his parents showed the world how in love  they were by the snogging they would pretty much do everywhere and by the fact that they didn`t seemed to want to stop adding to an already big family.They had been happy then,but one day knews came from the factory and they weren`t good ones,his father had been crushed to death by a faulty  piece of  machinery,and since then things had changed.

Is mother got compensation for his fathers death and with it attracted the fellow she was living with now.A big burly of a man; who didn`t  show  any affection for ma`s kids,instead he showed the back of his hand or the snipe of his belt,but that was mostly for Luke,dough this days,a mere three years since his father had pass away he could see that the big fellow was starting a wondering eye towards is little sister who had just turn 13, Linda.

They all resembled his father both in hair colour and in the eyes,of a biger hight than average,Luke at the age of 17 was in his last year of collage,and aldough he had been not great for the last three years he was about to finish,his dreams of studying to became a Vet were starting to look far and far away.

Because of the resent visits to the A.E,due to some broken ribs as well a black eye( he had a drink too many that night and he seemed to want punish someone;and Luke had just been there),a social worker had been put in conctat with his mother.

Luke wasn`t worried about himself,he knew how to fight back but since all that accomplish was his mother get more beaten up,and since she didn`t want to press charges,there wasn`t anything that he could do apart from  being there to prevent his brothers and sisters to be in the path of his fury.

He was a bit tired from the previous night,Stephen(that was the big bully name),had come home after yet another night at the pub with his friends and in result of that ,he was nurturing  today another set of bruises to his already bathered body,it hurt to breath,but someone had to get up and make some breakfeast for the little ones before then went to shcool.His mother had already left for work.

And its when he was making some hot chocolate  for  all of them,that the  doorbell rang.


Claire had not yet decided which one to visit,but since from the hole pile Luke had been the one with more visits to the A.E,she was concern about his safety,from her notes it said that he was at the present time finishing his last year in collage,and since his file noted that the kid was obviously bright,his academic results showed no sign of it.Which was common in battered children.So she waited in front of the house for anyone to came and open the door,it was only 8 in the morning surely,someone was home ?!


He heard the doorbell ring once,putting the knob on the stove on low he went to find who was looking for them at such early hour.He opened the door and got suprised,she didn`t looked any older than Grace his sister who had just turned 16,and yet the body language said she wasn`t lost,she was here on business but which one ?


Claire had a description of Luke on her notes but the fact was that this kid was not what it said.Yes,he was 6 foot tall plus maybe one or two inches,and the hair colour was black,his eyes where defenitly green and yet ,this boy she was looking at ,clearly   had been having the worst of times,his face showed signs of resent fight on account of the black eye and unless she was mistaken he may have  some bruises under that shirt,for he kept favouring  his right side,clearly he  had a bad night...But none the less it fail to say how beautiful Luke was, the kid could be  in the front of a magazine cover for that matter,which she thougth it came most likely from having Irish parents.

She better introduce herself,she thought." Alo,my name his Claire i am your knew social worker.Can i came in ?"


Luke was still puzzled by her presence here when her words register what she had just said. " Oh,God...."He had forgoten about them...

The End

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