Six Files...

She tought about dressing in a more approachable manner to the young charges she was going to work with,but then she remenbered the good advice once provided by one of her lectures at university "You will be there in times were everyone else in their life as fail  them  so i don`t really think that,what you will be wearing is that important ,do you ?",he most likely was right ,and again he wasn`t 21 and starting his first paying job on the profession you had just qualified for !

In the end she decide to go semi-casual...


The estate managment area was sort of an office /house compound,where her offices where.She left her car in the parking lot braced herself,took one last in take of fresh hair to relax any tight muscles and went in.

On the phone to her superior the previous day ,she had been informed of what her requirements were for the job,for a starter she would be in charge of only six children,they were the ones who required constant monitoring from the person she was replacing mr.Happy ;he had retired two years in advance on his pension on the account of his wife ilness,but he had left in the office where she now stood,notes in each child  file,that according to her superior should be on the cabinet file on the wall to the back of the room.

She took in the surronding atmosphere,she had a desk with a phone on top,three chairs all together,and the cabinet of files.It was quite a bare office but then she tought she could always put her imprint  on it with time the only thing that brought a smile to her face was the poster left on the right wall as you walk in ,it read" If you look for the worst in people you will find it..."

So simple ,so true...


Her wrist watch was pointing at 9.15 when she put her bag and coat down in the back of the chair,when she decided it was time to try and find those files!

The first draw had nothing on it,only empty folders left behind.The second presented the same cenario,and now Claire started to think that there maybe be a reason for the absence files?

The last draw in the cabinet had six very full folders,here job started now.She removed them from the draw and took them to the desk,her hand tremble a little while she put them on the brown counter.Who were they ?Could she really help them ?!!!


One by one she read the files.In each one she made some side notes,question that she would need answering ...


The time passed without her realising...


When she finished her last file ,she had six names for six files.

Three boys from 15 to 17,Sean,Patrick,Luke.

Three girls from 14 to 16,Mary,Sue,Anna.

She didn`t really know which one she would go and visit first tomorrow,but tonight she just stood there in her new office and rearead the files.

The End

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