How Claire looses something inportant in order to live life...

It was her graduation day and she felt no joy or happiness,she felt nothing.Today was suppose to be a day where she would celebrate her achievments ...But it wasn`t meant to be,today her grandmother,the woman who had raised her since the early age of 5; had past away.So Claire who already believed in very little had lost something precious toady,she had lost the ability to hope...

She still remenbered the day she had been left behind to live with nana,her parents were working as missionaries all their life,and now they had been assign to a little village in the deeps of Africa,the country was being torn apart by civil war and help was need it,thinking of the welfare of their only daughter they asked Anne`s mother to take care of her until their safe return in two years time,they would try and come as often as possible ,but Claire would remain behind,within a month; news arrived.A letter to inform of the  death of the couple by the names of Peter and Anne,Claire`s parents.

Yes,she remenber well the reaction of pain in nana`s face when she read how they had died,shot while defending the group of children they were responsible to teach,none of them had survive.The two of them had been buried side by side in a grave that had a wooden cross to simply mark the site,with their first names on...

Her nana had grown old with time,she was already of some age,57 when she took Claire on to live with her.But last winter she catched a cold that didn`t seem to pass,and with time she grew more and more frail.Claire started to realise she was hanging on until she graduated in order to let herself go,but the truth was as soon as the results of the finals exams came thru,and nana found out she was graduating with honours she smiled and gave her last breath.That had been this morning around 1am,now a few hours later, she put her favorite suite in the bottom of the bed with shoes to match and a bag,she selected some jewellery  to go with it and gave the keys to the undertaker who would take nana`s belongings with him and prepare her,after graduation she had to go to church and sit with her.Today,she had lost not only a relative ,her only living relative since both her parents didn`t have any brothers or sisters,today she had lost her best friend.

She arrived at the university,parked her car and walked to the podium,it wouldn`t be long now.


Less than two hours after she is seating in the front pew in the church her nana came every sunday.She was alone,the tears she had refuse to cry,came down her pale face.


Claire dropt the keys on the table in the hall after picking the mail up,she walks in to the kitchen sorting thru it,the house now belonged to her, a gift made in life when nana saw herself growing sicker.One letter called her attention,it was the reply to her interview she had attend last thursday at an estate not far from where she lived,stating she had gotten the job, to give them a call back at of her convenience.

As she puts the kettle on for tea,Claire thinks of the last conversation she had with her nana, maybe you can make a diference in this kids life like i made in yours.

Claire didn`t realy had much faith anymore anf yet she saw herself thinking that now she was a qualified social worker,maybe...

The End

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